The Long-Term Benefits of Golf

Bringing People Together for a Lifetime

Article by Michael Sullivan, PGA Head Golf Professional

Photography by Jerry Frishman

Originally published in Potomac Lifestyle

As we begin to age, participating in activities such as basketball, running, etc., become more challenging to do without risking injury. Finding a low impact sport that provides a challenge is something that may lead to enhanced brain stimulation accompanied by long term health benefits. Golf is perfect for those seeking to remain engaged in athletic endeavors while enjoying the outdoors.

Trying to hit that little white golf ball can be frustrating at the start, however, golf provides the kind of stress reliever that the average person needs. Spending several hours outside on a golf course has been shown to lower cortisol levels; the hormone that controls blood pressure, as well as sleep/wake cycles and helps recovery from the mental fatigue of life.

To further illustrate the long-term health effects of golf, a cardiovascular health study conducted from 1989 to 1999, found that among 5,900 participants, those who played golf regularly had a 9.5% lower death rate than those who did not play.

A prime illustration of this is our oldest golfing member at Manor Country Club. He is 95 years young, plays golf four days a week and competes in all of our member tournaments. His mind is as sharp as someone half his age. He can be seen running down the fairways to get ready to hit his next shot. It is an absolute sight to behold.

Over my years of working at various clubs scattered throughout the northeast, I have seen first-hand the impact that the game of golf can have on a person’s everyday life. Whether it is getting out of the house to exercise or looking forward to that post-round cocktail with friends, golf brings people together and creates relationships that may last a lifetime.

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