The Luxury of Home on Any Vacation

Airstream may be the perfect fit for you.

Imagine waking up in the comfort of what feels like your own bed. You yawn and stretch and think about the day to come. The outdoors beckons, and as you step out the front door, you don’t see a hallway, parking lot, or a busy street—you see the beach, the mountains, the lake, or the forest. Quite literally, your chosen vacation destination is your backyard. 

Our free time is precious, so when you can place yourself in the middle of where you want to be, without the hassle of getting out of a hotel or house, you have more time to enjoy the simple things that bring you joy. This is one of the reasons (among many others) camping trailers have been popular for decades. With warmer weather on the horizon and travel planning on our minds, we got inspired to learn more about the most iconic trailer of them all—the Airstream. 

With their signature “silver bullet” look, Airstreams have long been a symbol of freedom and adventure. They also are well-known for their longevity, which is a big reason for their popularity among campers and road travelers. This status has increased in recent years as people have shown an increased desire for authentic brands offering products that’ll stand the test of time.

According to Chris Amelio, the marketing manager at VOGT RV in Fort Worth, Airstream trailers have the highest quality and standards in the RV industry. “75% of the Airstreams built after 1931 are still on the road,” he says. 

Models vary in length and features. There are Airstreams, like the Basecamp, Bambi, or Caravel models, that, due to their compact size and easy pulling capabilities, can be towed almost anywhere (you don’t need a 4x4 or truck). If you've got a family or want more space, you can opt for a Globetrotter or a Classic, which measures 33 feet long. You can choose a model with a desk unit for remote working options, install solar panels, customize the interior, choose bunk beds, and more. 

Maybe the idea of an Airstream is enticing, but you’ve never been a trailer person (the navigation, the maneuvering!) That’s completely normal, according to Amelio. “Most other RVs are fairly complicated and can be hard to deal with for first-timers. The beauty of an Airstream comes from its simplicity. Due to their design, the learning curve isn’t as steep as with other types of RVs. Plus, with a product like Airstream, you have a support system in place to alleviate a lot of potential frustrations, which sets the first experience apart from everyone else.” 

So, you’re inspired to consider the Airstream life. You’ve seen campsites at local and national parks; you want in on the fun! Your first decision, after investing in an Airstream, of course, is deciding where to go. Luckily, besides the thousands of RV parks across the country, there are spots just for Airstreams. You might consider well-known locations like Texas Airstream Harbor on the shores of Lake Sam Rayburn, Virginia Highland Haven Airstream Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or Smuggler’s Den Campground in Maine, a family-owned spot with trails leading directly into Acadia National Park. You might mosey on down the road to The Vineyards on Lake Grapevine. 

Second, you should consider connecting with other Airstream aficionados. There are communities of owners that gather for events and rallies nationwide. You can visit online forums to discuss routes, upgrades, and repairs. With an Airstream, you’ve invested not only in the independence camping provides but also in an automatic support system, which makes the experience all the more memorable.

Having an Airstream, in other words, is like choosing your own adventure. With people choosing to explore the great outdoors more every day, the demand for more options will continue to grow. And, like Amelio says, “with an Airstream, you're taking your home everywhere with you, with no limitations.”

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