The Man Behind the Chair

Getting to Know Wesley Morrison, Stylist and Owner of T. Wesley Salon

Some people don’t discover their calling until later in life.  Wesley Morrison, owner of T. Wesley Salon in Murfreesboro, has known what he was meant to do since he was a child.  “I started doing hair when I was a kid. I remember I would cut my sibling's hair on the picnic table in the front yard,” shares Morrison. “I was 12 years old then. I just always loved doing hair.” 

Morrison chased after his childhood dream, taking classes in his junior and senior years of high school to learn about the hair industry. After graduating high school, Morrison began working in his chosen field and now, 35 years later, he’s become not only a trusted stylist and has owned his salon for eight and a half years. While he loves owning and managing the salon, Morrison will always be actively doing hair. “My passion is definitely behind the chair,” he says. 

He credits his continued enthusiasm as a stylist and salon owner to the ever-changing industry. “I can always find something different to do. One year it might be foiling or it might be a new technique,” he explains. “This year it’s extensions…There’s always something evolving in the industry.” 

While cutting hair was what set him on this path in his early days, he developed a love for coloring and extensions. “I do enjoy coloring. I get to match it with extensions and make sure that there is a seamless blend…”

Morrison is well-versed in the wide range of services he offers at his salon, right now he is all about extensions, as he has invested many hours into learning different techniques and has gained certifications in multiple methods of extensions.  “Extensions, [are] just my passion…” he shares. “I can take somebody who has had short hair or fine hair, somebody who has never had a swingy ponytail and they can have it…”

In addition to offering a variety of salon services, T. Wesley Salon also offers multiple lines of different products to help clients look and feel their best. The products available in Morrison’s salon are the ones he uses when working with clients so that they can recreate the same styles and looks on their own at home.  

“I only use on my station what I sell,” explains Morrison about the product lines consisting of various brands and price points available in his salon. “Those products are Kevin Murphy products which [are] my favorite. I sell Eleven Australia, which is a great price point…Right now I’m carrying UNITE Hair Care…”

In addition to working behind the chair, as the owner of his salon, Morrison takes great pride in continuing to build and develop his team of talented stylists. “I really like being the leader and helping them set goals and pushing them forward,” he explains. “I enjoy watching them grow. I’ve watched some of them really evolve into wonderful stylists and everything else in [both their] professional and personal lives…Half of my staff has been with me since day one…I really love my team. They’re just amazing.”

The team at T. Wesley Salon takes pride in being part of the Murfreesboro community and appreciates the way that the locals support them and everything they do. “I do feel that the community embraces small business,” says Morrison. “I feel like small business really is just promoted here. We try to go out of our way to support it. I know my clients do…I’ve had clients support me in every venture…Community support for small business is one of my favorite things.”

When it comes to his clients, Morrison wants them to leave his salon looking and feeling their best.  “My goal is just to make them feel new and refreshed…” he shares. “I just want somebody to come in and feel like they’ve enjoyed their time with us [and] they leave looking beautiful and feeling relaxed.”

Check out new styles and the work that Morrison and team are performing at T. Wesley Salon, follow them on Instagram @t.wesleysalon

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