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The Man in Charge

Meet Mayor John B. Muns

Before ascending to the role of Plano's mayor, John B. Muns talked with his wife, Joa, and they aligned on their shared commitment to public service. Recognizing their collective capacity to serve and support one another, this dynamic duo embarked on a journey beyond Mayor Muns' official duties. While John holds the mayoral title, Joa is his unwavering pillar, providing support that fuels their shared dedication to the community.

Their combined service commenced in 1983, marking a shared legacy that spans four decades. Having called Plano home since 1969, Mayor Muns is deeply rooted in the community—his educational journey, his children's upbringing, and his grandchildren's laughter all echo within the city's bounds. With an unyielding commitment to Plano and no intentions of departing, Mayor Muns aspires to sculpt Plano into an even greater haven for its residents.

Inspired by a family deeply rooted in civic duty, Mayor Muns draws from his parents' impactful contributions. James Muns, his father and former Plano mayor, left a legacy of service. Both parents were honored as Citizens of the Year. 

Mayor Muns navigates mayoral responsibilities with a profound understanding of their demands. Despite civic duty demands, Mayor Muns prioritizes personal connections, and attentively listens to Plano residents. Striking a balance between public service and relationships, he embodies a leader governing with empathy and unwavering commitment.

Looking forward, Mayor Muns remains resolute in elevating Plano as a premier place to live, work and raise families. Anchored in family values and civic responsibility, his leadership promises a vibrant future for the city.