The Mayors "Angle"

From both Sides of the Lake

The Town of Lexington is busy with both traffic improvement projects and projects to improve the quality of life in our area.

This year it is anticipated we will spend an additional $9 million dollars on traffic improvements.

Soon, you will start to see more construction being done on North Lake Drive in front of Lexington Elementary School. This is Phase two of the Crossroads Improvement Project, which will widen that roadway to two lanes headed out of Town.

This will include extending Harmon Street to connect to North Lake Drive and closing Dreher Street. There will be an additional traffic light put at the new intersection of Harmon St. and N. Lake which will increase green light time at both intersections in the area.

The project is funded through the Hospitality Tax and once construction starts, it is expected to take about one year to complete. Over the next five years, it’s expected that we will spend $20 to $30 million dollars on traffic improvements throughout the Town.

Construction has also started on restoring the Old Mill Pond dam. As the dam is rebuilt, the Town will install a one-mile long walking trail around the entire pond. It will be great to see the pond brought back to life!

The Town would also like to extend a congratulations to Lexington Lifestyle Magazine for their first anniversary and to Anne Reynolds for joining a winning team.

I’ve served in the Town of IRMO public office for over 15 years. Last November 2019 I was elected Mayor. In those 15 years of public service I’ve never experienced anything like this COVID-19 pandemic. In IRMO during the summer we’ve always planned concerts and BBQ’s in our many town parks. This summer everything has come to a halt. Our citizens, including me, are going mentally stir crazy. No social interaction, no meet and greets, no birthday parties and even having to wear mask’s when we go to the grocery store.  I hope this will end soon in the meantime I asked the business community of IRMO to come up with an event to bring the citizens together. We came up with the IRMO Drive-In Movie. A socially distancing COVID-19 safe event to get people out of the house and back together socializing. The requirements are simple: Load your car up and come to a big parking lot. Watch a 40 foot screen, stay in your car unless you want to patronize the food vendors. And wear a mask when mingling with others in the parking lot.  IT WORKED; we’ve had two movies to date and are scheduling two more in September and October. Each Movie can accommodate 170 cars and over 700 people. With people social distancing and using masks this has become a safe event in IRMO during these pandemic times.

Thank you to Lake Murray Lifestyle for promoting our local businesses and communities

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