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Retreat & Heal at The Meadowglade:

A Tranquil Haven Where Healing Finds its Home

“Nature itself is the best physician.” –Hippocrates

Navigating the numerous challenges of today’s world often involves dealing with mental health issues in some capacity. With millions of people affected by mental illness each year and an estimated 1 in 5 Americans experiencing mental health issues annually, the importance of addressing these conditions cannot be overstated.

When mental health concerns arise, The Meadowglade in Moorpark provides proven residential and outpatient programs for adults dealing with mental health issues and eating disorders in a peaceful, serene natural setting. Aligned with research confirming the profound healing and restorative effects nature has on the body and mind, The Meadowglade offers a retreat-style destination located on a beautiful, private 24-acre estate surrounded by rolling hills, avocado orchards, sweeping vistas, horses, gardens and natural beauty to inspire hope and healing.

 “Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients by providing holistic and evidenced-based services that promote and empower personal growth by inspiring hope through our unwavering commitment to compassionate client-centered care,” says Christina Hesselbrock, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Director, The Meadowglade.

Specializing in trauma therapy and services for those struggling with mental health and eating disorders, The Meadowglade’s licensed, certified and knowledgeable staff work as a team to address each individual’s specific needs.

Utilizing evidence-based treatments like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and psychotherapy, as well as the transformative power of creative music, art and equine therapies, “Our goal is to empower clients with the skills and tools they need to navigate life and thrive,” says Hesselbrock, noting that The Meadowglade’s caring staff goes beyond traditional programs to meet clients wherever they are on their healing journey.

As the leading choice in behavioral health, The Meadowglade’s small, safe and nurturing environment allows the focus to be on creating the best treatment plan tailored to each person’s unique circumstances.

 “We support each client with an individualized approach as they move toward long-term healing by allowing them to be part of a community where they feel safe, not judged,” says Hesselbrock.

Healing Haven

At The Meadowglade, clients receive person-centered customized care, delivered through a combination of residential treatment and outpatient services with in-home small group accommodations. Transportation to and from The Meadowglade treatment sites is provided daily.

Those opting for treatment at The Meadowglade’s resort-style home perched high in the hills of Moorpark enjoy comfortable accommodations, including an art therapy space, game room complete with pool table and reading library, a piano, pool and jacuzzi, plus an in-house chef. The serene homestyle atmosphere along with an on-site house manager, therapists and treatment providers allows clients to relax and heal while receiving the best possible care.

Building trust between clients and caregivers and exploring together what should happen next versus a “you should do this” approach allows people to feel seen and heard as they actively participate in their recovery and healing.

“Our team provides evidence-based therapies with a multi-dimensional approach to work alongside the client on their journey to meet their goals,” says Hesselbrock, noting that The Meadowglade’s peaceful, private group treatment setting helps clients get better by focusing on skills and tools to enable their transition to a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle.

In the backyard among the gardens at The Meadowglade community home lies a little rock monument of painted stones. Patients’ artwork includes colorful flowers, sunsets and words such as “Happy Day, “Share Your Joy,” “Love,” “Inspire” and other messages of hope and healing that memorialize their healing journeys and provide hope and inspiration for others to heal in the nurturing natural haven.

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