The Mediterranean Diet

A Smart Choice For Seniors

The Mediterranean diet was originally conceived in the mid 1900s to reflect eating habits of countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece. The diet features healthful ingredients like olive oil, nuts, fruits and vegetables, fish, and whole grains. Following the diet has had scientifically-proven benefits for cognitive and cardiovascular health. 

The Mediterranean Diet’s extensive health benefits and convenience make it perfect for seniors. 

  1. Following the diet’s food guidelines, especially when combined with regular physical and social activity, mitigates risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and makes a condition less severe if it appears. 

  2. The diet has been shown to slow cognitive decline.

  3. The diet’s accompanying lifestyle elements, which include both physical activity and eating socially, work to enhance a senior’s quality of life. It is vital that seniors remain active and social, which helps reduce the risk  of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

It can be hard for a senior living alone to cook nutritious meals, and to find quality opportunities for interaction and activity. These are reasons why Assisted Living can be a healthful and brain-boosting decision, especially if the assisted living community, like Armbrook Village where I serve as the Executive Chef, happens to offer Mediterranean-style menu options! 

While the Mediterranean Diet can be a great option for seniors, Armbrook’s award-winning Brain Healthy Cooking Program tweaks the diet to better benefit New England seniors, with modifications such as meals featuring locally abundant vegetables, low-fat dairy options for heart health, and whole grain breads made from white whole wheat. Changes like these make the diet more accessible to seniors and more appealing. Seniors and their families can find sample recipes from this program at

Armbrook Village offers local seniors Independent Living, Assisted Living and Compass Memory Support all on one campus. Learn more by calling 413-568-0000 or visiting

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