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Ross Bertrand, Alex Joseph, Desmond Hinds

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The Men Behind Xenhouse

Meet the Stamford natives offering training committed to feeding the mind, body, and soul.

Xenhouse, derived from the Greek word Xenodochial, meaning “friendly to strangers,” is designed to be a house of helping strangers reach greatness in all aspects of their lives. Located in Harbor Point and founded by three friends from the community, this gym provides a unique experience for everyone that enters its doors. The philosophy of Xenhouse is that there is an athlete in everyone. Our bodies are designed to move, and with regular exercise, you can improve your physical and mental health, strength and endurance. 

Desmond Hinds, Alex Joseph and Ross Bertrand all met at an early age playing sports. They gravitated towards each other at Stamford High School when joining the track and football teams; and bonded over their passion for the game and commitment to strive for more. Upon graduation, Alex Joseph attended Temple University, becoming captain and leading Temple to their first Bowl Game appearance in 30 years. He went on to play in the NFL for two accredited seasons and one season in the CFL. Desmond Hinds went to Iona College then to Pace University, where he played football and got his degree in Business Management. Ross Bertrand attended the University of Albany where he played as a true freshman and graduated with a Communications degree. 

Then tragedy struck for all of them, they each experienced unimaginable losses within a few months of one another. These losses ultimately brought them back together and helped them recognize their desire to create their own legacy, and they became hyper focused on planning their next move. In 2020, the pandemic pushed them to come together and work hard to start their own business. They set out to create a place that truly felt like home, and knew it had to be located in the community that helped shape them. Xenhouse opened its doors to the public in Harbor Point in June 2021. 

Xenhouse launched with three main categories of offerings, with plans to expand. Their athlete training offers a tailored approach to a specific sport, while focusing on ways to separate their athletes from the competition. They aim to improve their athletes' confidence; teaching them accountability, integrity, respect and the importance of prioritizing studies. In the past few years, they’ve had local athletes commit to their dream schools and make travel teams they’ve had a goal of joining. Their professional athlete clientele have had outstanding seasons after working with the Xenhouse team. Xenhouse trained NFL linebacker Austin Calitro, focusing on his footwork, agility, speed and explosiveness training. Additionally, they trained Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) player Connor Kelly; and he subsequently led his team to a PLL championship.

Their adult fitness programs consist of HIIT, strength training, cardio, mobility, and more. The goal is to help adults break through the noise and stress of their everyday lives and be the best version of themselves. Xenhouse has been credited with helping get their adult clients back in shape and pushed outside of their comfort zone, with the stimulation they receive from intellectual conversations being an added bonus. Xenhouse also provides special needs training, tailored to athletes who are limited in life's daily activities, ensuring each session has no disruptions to stimulate or challenge their clients.

Xenhouse has also expanded their wellness and recovery offerings having a sauna, cold tub, recovery training and sports massages all offered onsite. In late 2022, the three founders launched the Xenhouse Podcast in an effort to share their perspectives with a wider audience and inspire the next generation of athletes. 

The core values of Xenhouse are faith, loyalty, integrity, passion and growth, and the trainers all believe that by putting these first, they can help their clients achieve their highest potential. That potential isn’t just about fitness, it’s about helping you get better physically, mentally and emotionally. Desmond, Alex, and Ross are looking forward to expanding Xenhouse into a global brand and reaching as many people as possible in the process.

  • Ross Bertrand, Alex Joseph, Desmond Hinds
  • Desmond Hinds
  • Alex Joseph
  • Ross Bertrand
  • Ross Bertrand, Alex Joseph, Desmond Hinds