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Pieces to Patches Quilting

The Mill at Crane Pond Spotlight

I am originally from South Windsor, CT, born into a family of four, including myself and three brothers. Between the ages of 10 and 11, I developed an interest in sewing and decided to learn it. I taught myself the basics and occasionally sought help from my mother. This marked the beginning of my creative journey. Throughout the week, I would babysit and save every penny so that on Saturdays, I could visit the fabric store. Sundays became dedicated sewing days, allowing me to wear a new outfit to school on Mondays. By the time I reached twelfth grade, my sewing skills had advanced to a point where my sewing teacher recommended me to create the basketball cheerleaders' winter uniforms, an opportunity I gladly embraced.

Around 20 years ago, when I moved to Westfield, my passion truly blossomed as I started making quilts. I began with smaller items and began showcasing my creations at craft fairs. However, I soon realized that this wouldn't generate sufficient funds for me to purchase a long arm quilting machine. As a result, I had to explore other avenues. That's when I started teaching sewing and quilting, a skill that was no longer offered in schools at the time. With my sewing room at home becoming too small, I rented a space at Bismarck Place, just outside the town center.

In 2021, I made the decision to retire from nursing and pursue teaching and quilting full-time. I named my business Pieces to Patches Quilting, relocated it to the Mill Crane Building, and expanded my offerings to include fabric sales and long arm quilting. In addition to teaching and quilting, I also create memory bears, T-shirt quilts, and other items using wedding dresses and other sentimental materials.

Furthermore, I have opened up my shop to the non-profit organization Angel Babies of MA. We collect donated wedding dresses to create angel baby gowns. For more information, please visit

Pieces to Patches

77 Mill Street, Westfield, 413-579-4338

  • Proprietress Cora Hall with students Veleiana and Vivienne Perez