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Love Banking Local?

The MINT National Bank

Article by Kelsey Galloway

Photography by Fireheart Photography

Originally published in Porter City Lifestyle

For fifteen years, The MINT National Bank has supported the community with the highest customer service standards as they forge forward with continued growth, and that service isn’t changing. In this age of digital distancing and computer-automated responses, they hold steadfast to old-fashioned values while maintaining top-of-the-line banking processes. 

This is the reason for a celebration this month!

Barely opening in 2009, after a skittish investment climate caused by the Great Recession and Hurricane Ike’s fury on the market, the bank started with only four employees and a five-person board of directors. However, the cumulative knowledge of the whole team offered over 200 years of banking management and investing experience, dating back to the 1980s. Today, the MINT National Bank has outperformed most of the banking industry in terms of asset growth and earnings production during a time when other banks are consolidating, merging to avoid disaster, or closing their doors permanently. The MINT team attributes success to their core values instilled by Chairman and CEO, David Bubier.

These values are:

*Customer First

*Can Do Attitude

*Trust and Integrity Matter

*Keep It Simple

With small business accounts as their focus, success hinges on the invaluable commitment of establishing personal connections with the account holders and making decisions that consider a myriad of factors beyond mere numbers. There is no red tape or bureaucracy to get a final decision. “We are a community bank, and we have the desire to make an impact where we live and work.”  Opportunities to support local businesses and individuals on projects that will make a difference in the communities served is the goal. 

As expansion continues, The MINT is committed to making sure their customers remain top priority, with all the growth and advantages of a larger bank, but with the camaraderie and friendliness of the local bank each account holder has come to know. If a banking home is needed, The MINT National Bank is a great choice!

We operate under the premise that we won’t say “no” and will provide a solution.