The MUTTS Club

(Motivated Understanding Thoughtful Teenage Students)

It’s never too early to start working to effect positive change in the world, or at least in your community. Teen volunteer programs are growing exponentially here and across the country, and they fill a void in the community as well as many teens’ desire to make their “mark” on society. I recently spoke with Kim Fairbanks, MUTTS Club sponsor, about this amazing group of local teens how you can support them.

Brief history?

MUTTS Club (Motivated Understanding Thoughtful Teenage Students) is a humane educational program under the direction of Hands Helpings Paws Inc. in Norman. It has been active for about six years.

The club’s mission?

To actively engage middle and high school students and promote social and emotional competence, academic achievement, and awareness of the needs of shelter pets. The students volunteer at the local shelter and at animal welfare events. They assist with HHP's low-cost vaccination/microchip outreach clinics, low-cost spay/neuter outreach clinics, provide engraved pet ID tags to the community, create educational videos that are posted to their Facebook page, and have taken our cat and dog mascots to the Veterans Center and visited with the residents.

How can readers help?  

Support Hands Helping Paws Inc. by volunteering to be foster parents for shelter kittens and by making monetary donations so that HHP can continue their mission of reducing the pet overpopulation program by way for TNR and spay/neuter outreach clinics. 

Upcoming events/fundraisers?   

The Animal Welfare Expo hosted by Hands Helping Paws; the next event is set for March 25, 2022, at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.


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