The Neighborhood Hangout

People from All Walks Of Life Gather At The Lawrence Beer Company

The combo of a refreshing beverage and a tasty meal is ideal at the end of a long workday, a joyful family bike ride, or a stroll with the BFF canine. An even better plan is stopping at a place where the staff remembers your favorite order and neighbors wave hello to each other. Somewhere everyone is welcome, be it a large family enjoying a visit, a couple on a weekly date night, or a grad student taking a study break.

The Lawrence Beer Company is that kind of place. Both the original Warehouse Arts District location and the newer West spot strive to be your neighborhood gathering place.

“I’ve worked with breweries around the country prior to this,” says LBC president and co-founder Matt Williams. “My favorites to visit were the ones in the middle of neighborhoods, where you could sit on the patio and watch the neighborhood roll in—riding bikes, pushing strollers, meeting their friends and neighbors, and enjoying fresh craft beer and food that was created in their neighborhood. Those spots were our main inspiration. We have this great big space in the middle of this vibrant neighborhood that we can use to get people together and support various causes in our community.”

Head brewer Sam McClain says, “The number one customer I want to serve is someone who lives in our neighborhood that we see all the time.”

From its beginning in 2017, Williams, McClain, fellow owners Brendon Allen and Mike Logan, and Executive Chef Josh Kennedy never planned to turn LBC into a sizeable corporate beer distributor. They want to make as much beer as necessary to keep their customers happy. McClain can use the best ingredients and processes required to produce the freshest, best-tasting beer possible.

On tap, there will always be five or six beers that are customer favorites, along with three or four seasonal varieties. Rounding out the beer menu will be two or three new options never before brewed.

McClain explains, “I think having beers that people can always count on is important. Having beers people look forward to is important. And having beers that people can experience for the first time is important.”

To create a new brew, McClain takes inspiration from traditional styles and then gives them a heightened flavor profile. For example, maibock is a German-style lager that is lighter in color, less malty, and hoppier than traditional bock brews. McClain turns up the flavor profiles to give his version a modern take. The finished result is more malt and hops forward than a conventional maibock, which fits the tastes of today’s craft beer drinkers.

LBC’s food offerings also feature modern takes on traditional dishes. The grilled cheese is a good example, with the addition of house-made pepper jelly. A burger tastes next level with the spicy house-made Larry Sauce, and the already-unique avocado tacos bring the heat with special habanero sauce. Daily specials give regular customers a chance to try something new.

Williams says, “It’s not bar food by any means, but it’s not high-end either. There is something on our menu for everyone, from a quick bite on your lunch break or an anniversary celebration to a celebratory dinner with 15 friends and everything in between. All focused on highlighting quality ingredients and our unique LBC take on familiar dishes.”

He adds, “We’re defiantly not a corporate, run-of-the-mill restaurant set in our ways. We want our staff to take pride in what they do and be involved in how we operate our company. We want personality so that you won’t get a scripted staff experience. You’re going to get a lively atmosphere that is flexible and continually adapting. You’re going to get well-thought-out food and beer. You’re going to get something for everyone.”

McClain says, “You don’t have to be nervous about feeling out of place here or that there won’t be a beer you want to drink, something on the menu you’ll want to eat, or the staff will not be friendly. This is a place of ease.”

To check out the Lawrence Beer Company’s menu and events, visit their website at LawrenceBeerCo.com.

“We’re defiantly not a corporate, run-of-the-mill restaurant set in our ways...You’re going to get a lively atmosphere that is flexible and continually adapting. You’re going to get well-thought-out food and beer...”

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