The New Barbershop Model: Clark's Barber Lounge

Convenience and a cut: drop your car off for service or hit the gym, then visit your barber.

Joe Clark believes in style. His confidence is contagious. The businessman owns four barbershops and with more than a dozen professional barbers, hair stylists and aestheticians on his team, his market share continues to grow, bringing good-looking people together to build community and, of course, provide excellent hair care services to discerning men (and women!).

When a customer sits down for a “Signature Haircut” they can expect the full attention of the barber for 45 minutes to an hour, enjoying a hair wash, cut and style “Our barbers love these appointments since they are able to express creativity and consult with their customer on their wishes based on a discussion on their lifestyle and desired look,” says Joe.  He owns Clark’s Barber Shop Lounge “HeadQuarters” in Fort Walton Beach, Clark’s Barbershop at the Destin Health & Fitness Club in Destin, Clark’s Barbershop in the Buick GMC Cadillac service department on Miracle Strip and Clark’s Barbershop in the Buick BMC showroom in Pensacola. The genius idea to locate his barber lounges in high-end car dealerships and a top fitness club came from discussions with his family, his foundation and inspiration. "The Destin barber shop is very unique at the fitness club. Everyone is working to look good. The gym is always busy. Clients can see us cutting hair when they work out and it's a value to get a haircut, with showers and a nice locker room for their convenience."

The creativity of Joe’s business model is a natural progression. “My brother and father and the entire family are very important as are my travels and all the people I meet.” He started in Puerto Rico and has worked in Miami and New York with guest stints in cosmopolitan areas like Atlanta. He brings an urban edge and appreciation for individuality to everything he does.

Anytime he’s behind the chair, though, he works hard to discover the look and style his guest is looking for. “When someone brings a photo - which I encourage, I look more at the setting and scene, the vibe, not just the haircut since hair types are all so different,” he says.

He finds people are generally more style-savvy now with honed expectations based on what they see on social media for a stylist. “Barbers really develop their personal profile, with photos and expressions of interests and personality, along with reviews and customers can connect with a barber or stylist who seems intriguing and a good fit.”

Clark’s barbers are a diverse group - Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Bulgarian and from around the states. And, they all stay busy. Across all four shops, Joe is participating in a pilot for a new software that makes monthly subscriptions, online bookings and paying and tipping easier.  He wanted to make it easier for regulars and locals to book and get the appointments they need and depend on. “Our most common subscription is for twice a month, though some come in weekly - especially our military customers,” he says. “And, because of this new software model, it’s the first time our barbers are able to depend on a secure income with recurring revenue from these subscribers. They can always take walk-ins and work late to increase their earnings, but every barber should have at least 50 regulars for a good pace and income.”  His barbers like to average 10 customers a day, and up to 16 or so.

Joe is devoted to his job and loves to take care of people, in business here for more than 10 years. His customers say it’s his consistency and energy that keep them coming back. You may find him in a 3-piece suit, or on the warmest day, more casual but equally as composed and dressed to impress.


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