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The NEW Basement

Chic, functional and ready-to-entertain

The trend for basements in 2022 is chic, functional and ready-to-entertain. Mainly confined to our homes for the past two years, we’ve expanded to envelope all available space in comfort and utility. Hidden away like a personal speakeasy, it’s an opportunity to let design ideas run wild. Whether it’s inspiration from a pub, hotel lobby or part-time hobby, a basement can provide a respite from the everyday life that goes on upstairs.  

“In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot more people interested in their basements and how they can provide additional entertainment space within their homes,” says Vivace Design & Build’s Tori Ashmore. “We recently completed an extensive basement renovation for clients who had college-aged kids and liked to host get-togethers on the weekends. They wanted a space where they could entertain and have their kids bring friends over and not be in the way of everyone else. It was a great opportunity for us to create a space really catered to their specific wants and needs.”

Creating something unique to each client and their space allows the client’s personality to flow through the design and it also makes the job a lot of fun.  

“This basement is a perfect example,” says Tori. “You always hear about she-sheds and man caves, and while there were certainly aspects of this project that catered more to the wife or to the husband, we really wanted the entire space to feel cohesive. We had fun with different individual aspects of the design that highlighted one or the other, but ultimately fit together to form one holistic design. Our favorite example of that was the music room, which was inspired by the husband’s college rock band days. It’s masculine, but also warm and comfy. We made sure that the space had plenty of soft furnishings to soften some of the harder elements like the plaster fireplace. They paired together well to create an awesome entertainment space.”

Ranney Blair’s Peter Ranney has seen an increase in clients with extravagant design concepts for basement remodel projects. “We are working on a basement for clients who want it to feel like they are in an Irish pub!” Peter describes, “This project includes a full bar with custom wood paneling and trim, and a walk-in stone temp-controlled wine cellar. For another project, the client wanted their basement to feel like a high-end, hotel lobby. This one incorporates a custom upholstered banquette, coffered ceilings, trim accent walls and much more.” 

To combat the lack of natural light, Peter suggests ways to make a basement space more inviting. “We like to be purposeful with our lighting design by incorporating different layers of light such as ambient, task, and accent lighting. We also encourage our clients to go with a lighter paint color to help balance this.”

“With any basement project, it’s also important to consider longevity and durability in the design process,” says Peter. “Moisture control, appropriate insulation, and additional HVAC units can help to make sure the space not only looks good, but also provides a comfortable environment to enjoy in whatever capacity and design style you choose!”

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