The New Young Cowboys of Home Maintenance

“We’re really close. We always were, and eventually, those friendships evolved into working relationships. It was a way to keep us connected and further our love for the craft.”

The GageHome tradesmen peer into their work van, an impressively built out home maintenance machine, pointing out various tools which line the walls in securely hung units. The sharp smell of metal mingles with that of soft, warm wood. “GageHome: care / repair / improvements” is detailed neatly on the van’s flank. 

In 2017 Nick Karas, drawing on his professional experience in high-end construction and tech consulting, did the unusual: created a home maintenance company operated like a tech startup, emphasizing personal, collaborative relationships between his team and clients. No more busy, unreliable contractors; this business was founded on the basis of mutual respect and trust, with a close-knit team consisting of Karas and his three full-to-part-time colleagues, all of whom are tagged in on various projects as needed.

GageHome is a subscription-based service operating like a “concierge handyman,” offering clients peace of mind by serving as their 24/7 single point of contact in the home maintenance world. This includes home evaluations, inspections, education on DIY home maintenance, and executing light remodels and repairs. For bigger projects, work is out-sourced to Karas’ community of reliable, respected vendors. GageHome is a first and last stop for quality craftsmanship and comprehensive home maintenance, providing trusted allies to walk you through the process start to finish. 

“Working with Nick and GageHome is like working with the senior Concierge at a 5-star hotel. Whether it's a big project or a small problem, Nick gets it done or he finds the experts to do it.”—Bob Compton, client

The Gage+ Seasonal A La Carte Items is a secondary option at GageHome, with seasonal maintenance services available to clients under a Bundle and Save model. You still get the transparency, home maintenance education and reliability, but without the monthly membership. Clients simply schedule a service, GageHome does the work, and that’s it—no strings attached.  

Nick Karas looks earnestly at GageHome’s van, his love for the craft, his team, and his community profoundly present, even in the space between words. “As a client of GageHome, we’ve got your back, 100 percent. We’ll be your cowboys, we’ll make it happen, whatever 'it' is. We’re a home maintenance company, but what we’re really selling is peace of mind.”

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