The Newest Heavy Hitter in Town

Bret Alexandra | Interior Stylist | Set Designer | Space Beautifier 

Bret Alexandra. I’d suggest you remember that name because she is among some of the newest heavy hitters stepping up to make this city the arts capital of the west. Bret is a model turned interior designer and founder of The Fourth House (@thefourthhouse), an interior styling company with a focus on thrifted vintage goods.

Bret got her start in the creative industries by modeling and occasionally jumping behind the camera as a fashion stylist. For a model turned stylist, stylist turned set designer the natural next step seemed to be a move to L.A. (any creatives relate?), but it was clear that what inspired her creative journey was the community and family in Colorado.  

“[Denver] is my home. I would rather grow here and keep The Fourth House with our local makers,” says Bret.

Bret soon became associated with Guest House, a company that opened her world to interior design and home styling. Leaping off of the strong foundation they gave her, Bret launched her company, The Fourth House. The twelve houses in Astrology inspired the name, specifically, the Fourth House: House of Home, ruled by her own sign Cancer. It was something close to Bret's heart. The Fourth House pioneers a brand of home styling that connects modern elements with a touch of hominess. There is an emphasis within the company to work with thrifted wares which lends the opportunity to partner with other local makers such as Meek Vintage and Haven. As far as styling insights, Bret can’t give away all the industry secrets but let us just say The Fourth House has its eyes on mixing of bold patterns and luxurious velvets. As Bret so eloquently points out, “While styling is a reflection of myself it’s about bringing everyone's vision together into a collaborative effort.”

The Denver creative scene has its eyes on Bret Alexandra. We are excited to watch where she goes with the Fourth House and her future collaborations. In the meantime be on the lookout for beautifully bold patterns, something thrifted or a touch of blue velvet. Here is just a sample of Bret's current mood reflecting her interior design style.


'Walters' sofa by Interior Define shop |

22x22" mud cloth pillow by Megan Slawson(local) shop | 

'Collins' drink table by Joel Edmondson (local) shop |

'Oo' lamp by Eny Lee Parker shop |

Photograph by Benjamin Holtrop for Lena Medoyeff Bridal

'Birdie' mud cloth pillow by Kaekoo shop |

'Sibylline Cabinet' by Alyson Kahn (local) - acrylic on canvas 60"x48" shop |

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