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4 Seasons Home Care

When Luke Simonetti and Harrison Funk decided to make 4 Seasons Home Care their business, it was not a decision taken lightly. Both felt drawn to the industry through personal experiences; both had close relationships with loved ones and know how crucial it is to have the right person as a trusted resource – not a revolving door of caregivers, as Harrison witnessed with his own grandparents. 

“[Harrison] was inspired by those experiences – and he also has sharp business acumen and wanted to make an impact,” Luke says. “This business drew us both in because it can enhance someone’s life — you can be part of the family for years to come.”

Today, 4 Seasons has multiple locations throughout Atlanta, and the demand is growing for compassionate caregivers. Luke explains the main reason the business has grown in the community is because most seniors desire to stay in their own homes, where it’s familiar and comfortable. “The idea of being able to stay where you are is important to people,” he notes. “And we offer different options — from someone who comes in the morning to get people started with the day to someone who lives there full-time.”

Though shorter term care is available, most clients are thrilled with 4 Seasons Home Care, and most caregivers end up invested for the long-haul, according to Luke. 

"We highly recommend 4 Seasons Home Care," adds Janine, another client. "We had the most amazing caregiver! She was prompt, caring, funny, efficient and so very gracious to my dad. The staff was warm, funny, quick to respond by phone or email, flexible and highly professional. From the first phone call to meeting the director, caregiver, and all the staff behind the scenes, you will not be disappointed choosing if you choose 4 Seasons to care for your loved one!"

“We have been using 4 Seasons for about a year now and we couldn’t be happier,” says Elaine, a happy client. “We appreciate so much how they always go above and beyond and are just nice, kind people. Special shout-out to our caregivers, Jasmine and Patricia, our nurse Michelle and Ebony in the office. They all know Mom and our family so well, we feel like they are family!”

To learn more, visit 4seasonscare.com. 



Today, 4 Seasons has multiple locations throughout Atlanta, and the demand is growing for compassionate caregivers.

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