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The Perfect Closet Makeover

What makes up the perfect closet? If you could do a makeover in your closet, what would it take to get you the perfect space?

The perfect closet:

  • Has enough space to hold all your belongings 
  • Features custom shelves that match your needs perfectly 
  • Has a boutique-like feel with great lighting
  • Is functionally organized just for you 
  • Has enough space to display all your best shoes and handbags 
  • It makes getting ready in the morning a breeze!

OK, I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have enough space or the perfect closet. You don’t have custom shelving or a boutique-looking closet. That’s OK; most people don’t. However, anyone can have a beautiful, organized and functional space! Trust me! You can create the “perfect” closet with the space you currently have. The custom shelves can come later. With a few changes, YOU can improve your closet’s look and overall function while simplifying your space to better serve you.

Why is having an organized closet important?

  • Saves you time—everything is easy to see and within reach
  • Saves you money—when everything is easy to see, you don’t go out and buy something again that you already have
  • Fewer clothes mean you love what you do have and enjoy wearing it
  • Decreased overall stress of searching for things you know you have but can’t find
  • Makes getting ready for the day enjoyable

Tips for Success

  • Start small—a closet can be a big project; consider doing sections at a time (example: shoes one day, tops on another day).
  • Get a box ready for the donations pile—those things that you discover you no longer want or need.
  • Be honest with yourself—is the article of clothing worn, too small or out of date? If so, let it go to create space for the things you really love.

Products suggested to organize your closet

  • Matching hangers
  • Drawer dividers
  • Shoe organizer or shoeboxes
  • Matching bins or baskets

Products come in many different sizes, shapes, styles and prices. Choose products that you like and that fit your budget and your space. 

Now to the important part: How do you organize your closet?

Step 1 

Take everything out. Starting with a blank space is best. It will really open your eyes to see just how much you have.

Step 2 

Edit and group. Hold up each and every pair of shoes, shirts, pants, dresses, etc.; recall the last time you wore it. Do you still love the way it looks on you? Does it feel right? Does it need any repairs? Make a pile for donations, a toss pile and a keep pile. Take the keep pile and group like items together, e.g., long sleeves with long sleeves, jeans with jeans and so on. 

Step 3 

Depending on the size of your closet, consider packing up off-season clothing. It’s an easy swap when the seasons change, and this keeps your closet from feeling overstuffed.

Step 4 

Add items back to your closet within their groups. Create zones in your closet for shoes, work attire and casual wear. This will make it super easy to get ready each day and make it even easier to put clothing back in its rightful spot. If you have drawers, consider file folding items to save space and to be able to see each item better. Stacking prevents you from seeing everything in the drawer.

Step 5

Contain your things. Smaller items can be contained in bins and baskets. This improves the look of your closet and gives your belongings boundaries so they stay together in their place. 

Want to take the overall look of your closet to the next level? Color-code your clothing from light to dark within their zones; add labels to bins and baskets so you know exactly what is in each basket; add hooks to hang hats or your favorite bags. 

With a little determination and following these few steps and pro tips, you, too, can create the “perfect” closet with the space you have right now. Whether big or small, these tips can work in any space. 

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