The Perfect Pour 

As a society, we are obsessed with the social side of coffee. We arrange to meet friends at coffee shops, we make plans at coffee shops, we even host meetings at coffee shops. They are our go-to ports in a storm, and our sanctuaries when we’re craving caffeine and company. The art & science behind a cup of coffee inspires creativity and coffee can also be about savoring the moment, taking a breath and allowing yourself to be still. 

At Harbinger coffee, you can see all of this on an average Fort Collins morning. For founder Jonathan Jarrow, coffee is about enjoyment.  Jonathan has spent years developing his craft and creating the environment we love at Harbinger.  While working at world renowned Ipsento Coffee in Chicago , Jonathan learned the expert roasting skills needed to create an exquisite cup of coffee that is consistent & delicious. When we asked him to share a few of his trade secrets, we learned that the art of coffee is truly scientific.

The Taste, based off of 3 key factors we’ll explain below, is one of the biggest components of drinkability.

  1. Sweetness- the starch from coffee convert and caramelize
  2. Body- the thickness, viscosity and creaminess of the brew
  3. Acidity- what gives the coffee life and excitement by way of the naturally occuring organic acids.

But it’s the blendability of these 3 components that truly matter- Jonathan gives us a real life example, an orange and a lemon both have citric acid, but the orange has more sweetness, offsetting the acidity and allowing it to be a savored fruite, where a lemon, isn’t enjoyed in that same way.

Jonathan goes on to explain that the raw product truly matters most and it’s freshness is important- staying in line with harvest season, roasting properly and selling it within two weeks keeps their inventory as fresh as possible. 

Remember that enjoyment element we talked about? Well the coffee isn’t the whole picture. Jonathan and his staff create a welcoming aesthetic with kindness, education and impeccable customer service. Their roasting process and equipment is center stage, which gives customers the freedom to ask questions and see how their coffee is prepared. “There isn’t a dark art with coffee, it’s about good service and hospitality AND that good cup coffee,” says Jarrow. 

Jonathan also wants you to feel comfortable ordering coffee how YOU want it, there is no judgment, and no wrong way to drink it. Unlike the perception of the judgemental barista, Harbinger’s staff wants you to enjoy it YOUR way, they are confident in their coffee and no matter how much cream or syrups you request, at the end of the day, the coffee shines through. 

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