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The Perfect Pretty Picnic

Savoring more than just great food

It’s picnic time! Along with fabulous food, extraordinary accessories enhance the perfect picnic. Here are some tips for an outstanding outdoor meal:

  • Scented outdoor candles delight guests and save them from itchy bug bites.
  • If your picnic is on the ground, a lush, waterproof blanket or lightweight rug and luxurious throw pillows create layers of comfort. A low picnic table or elevated tray will place your offerings at eye level and make serving easier.
  • Cloth napkins paired with premium plastic plates and goblets keep things elegant and prevent breakage. 
  • A neutral theme with pops of color contrasts the natural environment nicely. 
  • Spread the offerings for a lavish arrangement. Use passable trays and baskets so sharing is more effortless.
  • Infuse your style and vibe.  Boho? Retro? Chic? It's your canvas!

Most of all, enjoy! A pretty picnic not only shows off your exceptional taste, but also creates a perfectly joyous occasion.

Along with fabulous food, extraordinary accessories enhance the perfect picnic.