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The Perfect “Walk & Eat” Street Food

4th Avenue Crepes: Spreading Joy, One Crepe at a Time

Amy Balagot has worked in the culinary industry for more than two decades and has loved every minute of it. Her passion led to a pastry instructor position at Pikes Peak State College as well as educating high school students through a program called Career Start.

“Teaching young people to cook and introducing them to a potential career has been one of my favorite experiences in this field,” Balagot says.

While Balagot loves teaching, she began to miss the community connection of creating and serving food to the public. She also began thinking about a potential business that could allow her to spend more time with her daughters.

A Family Affair

A food truck seemed like the perfect fit for her family.

After some discussion, the family decided that crepes were the perfect walk and eat street food. The food is self-contained, easy to hold, requires no utensils, and is a blank canvas for both savory and sweet fillings.

“The name of our business came from the street I grew up on in California. The motto of our business is Spread Joy, Eat Crepes because making people smile is our “why,” Balagot says.

Balagot’s eldest daughter, Mak Boyer, is the CEO of the business and is responsible for their social media content as well as helping out on the food truck. Balagot’s younger daughter, Abby, works the register and assists with food prep and distribution.

Girl Power

The ladies are proud to be a woman-owned and operated business. As a family and a team, they are determined to be self-sufficient. In fact, when asked what they are most proud of, they responded, “Learning to hook up, tow, back-up, and park the food truck… all by ourselves!”

The Ever-Evolving Menu

The menu at 4th Avenue Crepes is always evolving as they discover what people like. Their top sellers include the Rocky Mountain Avalanche and pizza crepes, but they have received amazing feedback on all of their menu items. One thing that sets their food truck apart is that they welcome special orders.

“We invite creativity. As long as we have the ingredients, we will make it happen!” Boyer says.

Serving Others and Giving Back

The family’s faith is also a motivating factor behind their business. The act of serving others is central to their beliefs and giving back to the community is just one way that they show their community love.

4th Avenue Crepes has proudly supported and donated proceeds to help out The Ronald McDonald House, Bald 4 Bucks, and Riders 4 Children. These partnerships have given their business an altruistic purpose and they are always on the lookout for additional causes and organizations to support.

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