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Coco and Buddy Videler (Photo: John Videler)

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WLM's Adorable Fur Family: Moments and Anecdotes Shared by Our Team

This is Benny Berniker, he's a super sweet and gentle 6 year old Golden Doodle, though as you can see, he's black and white. This coloring is known as a 'parti' doodle. But Benny does not like to "party," he likes to nap! He sleeps like a human, either on his back or spooning with one of his parents. He's also known for chasing shadows and seems to be quite paranoid. He's always got either a sock or a shoe in his mouth and eagerly offers one to anyone who comes in the house. We love Benny as our perfect third child. 

Jen Berniker, Writer

It was love at first sight! Little did we know that the poodle part of her doodle gets her running more than a little anxious. Her current situation is that she scans the ceiling of any room she walks into, checking all corners in case a bug is lying in wait. For what? We don’t know. But she thinks it’s reason for concern. All she wants is to defend the universe from the impending doom of the spider in the midst. Didn’t see this coming when we picked up this furry bundle, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Caroline C. Barney, Writer

Our Morkie (Yorkie Maltese mix), Max, is the undisputed king of our castle. Our friends, who are well aware of our Max-mania, decided to take it up a notch and commissioned a painting of him as a Nobleman. We couldn't stop laughing when we saw it, but we loved it so much that we hung it up in our mudroom. Now, every time we pass by, we can't help but bow down to our furry overlord. All hail King Max!

Marisa MacLean, Publisher

Kiwi’s supposedly a Boxer/Staffi mix but we’re skeptical. She’s solid muscle, runs super-fast, and has no concept of personal boundaries. She loves treats, mealtime, and people, especially people who feed her.

She doesn’t love wearing necklaces, but happily accepts the treats with which I bribe her. She’s very sweet and enjoys digging deep holes all over our yard.

Robin Moyer Chung, Editor

Billie is named after Billie Holiday and she loves rolling in deer pee and pooh. The Compo beach during the winter is her favorite place and she hasn’t met a puddle that she won’t drink from. 

She’s a delight and joy to watch enjoy life. Should there be a zombie apocalypse, she’d be the perfect dog to try to survive with.

Jerri Graham, Photographer

Clyde prefers the natural look, but he will dress up if the situation warrants it. Found ‘running at large’ as a puppy in North Carolina, Clyde spent a short stay at the Connecticut Humane Society in Westport before stealing the hearts of one lucky family. 

Meredith Guiness, Writer

Kai is a world traveler and has become very good at flying in airplanes! She’s been to France, England, Scotland, all over America and even Hawaii! She loves her ball, playing fetch and her pit-bull sister, Cadam.:)

Mindy Briar, Photographer

Coco and Buddy bring endless joy into our lives. They are not just our dogs; they are cherished members of our family, and the unconditional love they offer us is truly a gift beyond measure.

John Videler, Photographer

  • Billie Holly Graham (Photo: Jerri Graham)
  • Clyde Guinness
  • Kiwi Chung
  • Max MacLean
  • Benny Berniker
  • Kai Briar ((Photo: Mindy Briar)
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  • Coco and Buddy Videler (Photo: John Videler)