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The Poncho Scarf is Your New Travel BFF


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

I'm a big fan of scarves that are basically blankets. In the winter, I wear them to secretly curl up in anywhere I go without looking weird for bringing a blanket. And in the spring and summer, I always, always have a lightweight poncho-type scarf with me—especially when I travel!

You never know what the temperatures are going to do, and sometimes summer nights get surprisingly chilly. But you probably don't want to carry around a heavy jacket or something that would throw off your outfit.

I like these even better than cardigans or kimonos because of the versatility. You can easily throw it on over your shoulders without having to make any adjustments to your clothes or getting sleeves tangled in your purse straps. If it's extra windy, you can tie it to stay put, and when you untie it, it still looks the same. It's fine to throw in the wash with your other clothes if it gets dirty, and most importantly, it folds up very flat and doesn't really matter if it gets wrinkled or smashed.

So, here are some of my picks that you can shop by clicking the links.

Mer-Sea Charleston Wrap

"Our Classic Wrap shape in an exquisite cotton cashmere blend might be the ultimate combination. This mid-weight weave of all natural fibers is heavy enough to keep you warm, but light enough that you can use it in any season. Wear it over jeans, on the plane, or dress it up for dinner out: there are no limits to where this lovely wrap will take you. Comes packaged in a matching travel bag so you can throw your wrap in your bag and go!"

  • 50ce9dcb-174b-42d8-a4a3-f7411bfc0899-1

Mer-Sea Nepal Cashmere Scarf

"When we find something this special, we have to share it. During our travels, we found the softest scarves, hand loomed by monks in the mountains of Nepal. Each oversized scarf is made on traditional weaving looms from 100% cashmere. Made by these artisans in small batches, this scarf is available in a limited quantity. Large enough to wear as a wrap or double up as a European scarf, this is an all-season necessity for her or for him."

  • bddc76d6-da60-4c06-8309-b75dc967112a-1

Mer-Sea Striped Pancho

"Our newest love is simply stunning. We are girls on the go and only make items we want to wear. That means designs that will stand the test of time and be transitional for most occasions. The soft cashmere blend will win you over because the neutral stripes are designed with an asymmetrical cut-in bias making it easy for anyone to wear. This lightweight (yet warm!) poncho complements a sweater, an oxford or just a long-sleeve t-shirt. Made in Mongolia of the softest blend of merino wool and pure cashmere, this is a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe."

  • 768bc9db-5c30-4245-8653-68b0bf860d2e-1

J. Crew Oversized Cashmere Wrap

"This cashmere accessory is perfect for layering underneath your winter coat when it's freezing out or for wrapping up in during a long flight (so cold plane rides are now cozy plane rides). To honor the future of this fiber, we're proud to join the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), an international nonprofit working to create a more sustainable cashmere supply chain. As the first U.S. member, we're supporting its efforts to ensure animal welfare, advocate for herding communities, restore grasslands and reduce cashmere's environmental footprint."

  • beb1d1ee-10ed-41ed-bd53-166bbb6e4a6c-1

J. Crew Refined Silk-Cashmere Wrap

"We upgraded our refined silk-cashmere wrap with a bit more cashmere (that's also woven together a bit more densely) for a beautiful style you'll be able to wear to all the more formal events in your future."

  • c8237806-6d96-47f8-ad9a-ec7a35bcd852-1

L.L. Bean Poncho Scarf

"Crafted from lambswool and designed for versatility, this poncho scarf offers exceptional warmth and comfort. It will layer flawlessly over any outfit. Our poncho scarf is the perfect addition to our cold-weather wardrobe. Made from premium lambswool, it feels luxurious, keeps you warm and pairs well with any outfit."

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