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The Power of Art

Creating Unity with a Paintbrush

Daniel Levitin, a famous author, musician, and cognitive psychologist said, “The power of art is  that it can connect us to one another, and to larger truths about what it means to be alive and  what it means to be human.” 

For thousands of years, art has influenced culture, the projection of eras, and one’s personal worldview. Today, in the 21st century, we don’t have to visit an art museum to witness it.  

Art can be manifested into countless creations, one, in particular, being murals. Murals are the most creative and beautiful piece of street art, adding character and uniqueness to any city.  Murals build a sense of community, welcoming tourists and residents alike. With a splash of color and a stamp of individuality, murals can be found all around the vastly growing city of  Murfreesboro. 

The Tennessee Tristar Rainbow is a beautiful example of a community supporting mural and can be found downtown on Walnut Street. More recently, in 2020, it was painted by the Iron  Brush Mural Company. The Iron Brush Mural Company is devoted to creating a more colorful and creative Middle Tennessee through painting indoor and outdoor murals for both homes and commercial businesses. It is run by two lovely moms who are passionate about art. More of their work can be found around town in several locations like Brass Horn Coffee, Donut  Country, and even the Avenue.  

Another mural in Murfreesboro is Vine Street Market, which can be found downtown on Vine  Street. Local resident and artist, Norris Hall designed the mural and along with several other individuals painted this magnificent mural in 2018. Vine Street Market received lots of attention back in 2019 by VIP Murfreesboro and was created into t-shirts that can be found inside the store, Vine Street Market.  

Art holds the power to bring unity and division amongst humanity. As well, a sense of unity is built when massive amounts of people take pictures with local murals, while alsosupporting the city. Visiting the murals around Murfreesboro is a definite add to the 2022 bucket list!