The Power of Women in Business

Meet the Entrepreneurs Who Elevate Our Community

Hannah Harrison
Hailey Stone
Sisters Hannah and Hailey saw a growing need for Mt. Juliet to have a store that offers high-end, top-quality clothing for babies, children, and more. In November of 2021, they became the proud owners of Magpies Mount Juliet. This boutique offers top brands in gifts and clothing, effectively reducing the need to leave town to find what you need. It’s all right here! 

Hannah and Hailey each have an extensive history in sales and fashion, stemming from childhood. They felt driven to work in the sales industry and gained sales experience over the years. The sisters credit their mother for passing on her passion for fashion and creating a distinct drive to enter the clothing industry. 

Small business owners in Mt. Juliet, Hannah, and Hailey note the importance of the unique support that other businesses and people within the community continually offer them. “Everyone wants to see everyone succeed,” Hannah explains. Most importantly, these sisters are deeply moved by the customer relationships cultivated in this special town. mountjulietkids.com

Allison Howard
What happens when a city girl grows up to marry a farm boy from Kentucky? She learns to jump headfirst into a business that pulls her closer to nature and into a career that brings her outdoors. This is precisely what happened to Allison Howard when her husband, John, suggested they say goodbye to their jobs in corporate America and hello to Lawns by Luke, a highly rated and locally owned landscaping business. What seemed to be a small vision at the time eventually grew into a company that now employs an amazing team of professionals who find true joy in caring for the outdoor spaces of folks and businesses right here in Mount Juliet.  

Allison describes Lawns by Luke as a family affair created out of the desire to become closer to each other and the community. “A lot of what we do as a company is to really bless others,” she explains. Allison, her family, and their team of experts have formed a company that strives to create beautiful outdoor spaces for their clients, making Mount Juliet a beautiful place to be. lawnsbylukellc.com

Lisia Tucker
Lisia Tucker’s journey to becoming a successful salon owner all started while taking a high school cosmetology class. She quickly obtained a license at the age of 18. Then in 1991, Lisia was presented with an opportunity to buy the salon she was working for. Lisia, who also works as a real estate agent, knew that Mount Juliet was a city on the rise, and in 2005 she decided to open the doors to Aqua Bella Day Spa & Hair Salon in Mount Juliet. 

Lisia created Aqua Bella as a one-stop shop for people in Mount Juliet looking for hair and salon services. She has assembled a strong team of highly skilled professionals in beauty services, including manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages, facials, and all things hair. Lisia credits the friendly and inviting nature of the people of Mount Juliet and being a member of the Chamber of Commerce for the success of her salon. “That has really helped me to get out there and learn and meet the community and other business owners.” aquabelladayspa

Shauna Bowers
Katie De Araujo Jorge
Almost immediately after Shauna and Katie crossed paths, they realized they shared a vision. Natives of Wilson County, they were searching for an opportunity to create a top-quality beauty service business with a unique, boutique-like business model and bring those services to the people of Wilson County. In August of 2022, Katie and Shauna opened the doors to GloWilCo in Mount Juliet. 

Shauna’s background in nursing and Katie’s background in anesthesia equipped them with the distinctive ability to serve a vast demographic of women and men. They work together to help clients achieve beauty goals in all aspects of health and beauty, including skincare, injectables for supplementation, IV therapy and hydration, treatments, and beauty enhancements. 

These ladies have the good fortune of friendship to make what was once only a dream a reality. Much of the success of Glow Wilco is due in part to their ability to lean on each other as they navigate their professional lives and home lives. Being able to bring luxury beauty services to their hometown is one of Shauna and Katie’s deepest motivators. glowwilco.com

Regina Girten
Jamie Tyner
It takes passion and grit to rise above and meet the needs of a community that has suffered a disaster. After the tornado of 2020 ripped through our region, Regina and Jamie did just that. Each of them independently sought out positions as outreach organizers within their churches. Soon their paths would cross, and they would learn that their efforts to recover and rebuild would be more effective if they worked together. And so, through the support and sponsorship of Hands On Nashville, Regina and Jamie developed Volunteer Network. 

Volunteer Network was created to serve as Wilson County’s management hub in times of disaster and as a volunteer management system for long-term and ongoing volunteer opportunities within the community. Regina and Jamie explain that our community’s willingness to give back and serve their neighbors has been an impactful motivator for the development of the Volunteer Network, and now folks have a formalized space to do that.

As our community grows, so will the need for serving and volunteering. This powerful duo is making sure Wilson County is prepared to meet the needs of our community.  volunteernetworktn.org

Crystal Stephens
Crystal Stephens is quickly making a name for herself in Nashville as a luxury portrait and wedding photographer. She also specializes in natural light photography, headshots, and senior portraits. Crystal’s passion for photography was born out of a need she stumbled upon while running a previous clothing business. She began taking photos of inventory, modeling clothing, and styling flat lays. And in 2022, after several years of learning her way around the camera and mastering her editing skills, Crystal was ready to take her expertise to the next level by opening her own photography business, Crystal Stephens Photography. 

Crystal and her family came to Mount Juliet in 2016 to help start New Tribe Church which has been a central part of their lives. Being a part of her church has helped Crystal foster lasting connections throughout the community. She understands that Mount Juliet is a very special place where small businesses support each other through a culture of connecting and encouraging. We are excited to follow Crystal in her business and her journey behind the lens.  crystalstephensphotography.com

"Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own" - Michelle Obama

“There is no better personal development tool than running your own business.”- Ali Brown

 “What I learn from talking to so many women around the world: If you can empower them with the right things, the right tools. They can lift up their family. And that ultimately lifts up their community and their society.” – Melinda Gates

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