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The Queen's Cup Steeplechase Benefits the Alzheimer's Association

This year, the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase, one of the most highly anticipated social events of the Charlotte season, will be celebrating its silver jubilee, with the 2022 festivities set for Saturday, April 30 at Brooklandwood Race Course in Mineral Springs.

Founded by Bill and Carrington Price in 1995, The Queen’s Cup Steeplechase has evolved into an annual rite of passage where Charlotteans welcome each new spring, enjoy the natural beauty of the lush landscape and come together to experience the excitement of a full day of horse racing, competition on and off the track as attendees vie to win the traditional hat and tailgating contests and many more activities for all ages.

Commitment to the Community

At its core, the Queen’s Cup is firmly rooted in community and philanthropic endeavors. Since 2014, the Queen’s Cup and the Western Carolina Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association have partnered to raise awareness about how to detect early signs of the disease.

Katherine Lambert, CEO of the local Alzheimer’s Association chapter, credits the exposure the nonprofit organization receives through the Queen’s Cup with allowing it to inform the community about the numerous educational and support programs it offers for those diagnosed with the condition as well as family and friends searching for the best ways to provide care and support while learning how to cope with the emotional and physical toll Alzheimer’s takes on patients and caregivers.

Katherine points out statistics show that 180,000 North Carolinians are among the six million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. Katherine notes, the focus of the association is to emphasize, “This is not someone else’s disease — it exists at the heart of our community.”

The Greatest Benefit

The alliance with the Queen’s Cup has been advantageous to the association in numerous ways. Katherine asserts the greatest benefit has been affording the organization an “[increased] ability to provide no-cost educational resources to the community” particularly by raising awareness of its 24/7 support number: 1-800-272-3900.

Get Involved

Volunteers are needed to represent the Alzheimer’s Association at the 2022 Queen’s Cup Steeplechase. For more information, call 980.498.7760 or email today.

The Alzheimer’s Association relies on volunteers throughout the year to raise awareness through a variety of programs. Visit to learn more!