The Renewable Energy Revolution

How Independent Power is Helping Ensure a Clean-Energy Future

It’s no secret that this winter has been stark not just in temperature, but also in how drastically many people have seen their energy bills increase. It’s an issue that Trevor and Liz Seelye, owners of local business Independent Power, seek to help people tackle as they navigate a brighter future with solar and electrification solutions.

After years in the corporate world, Liz and Trevor became intrigued by the idea of running their own business together, specifically in a category that would have a positive impact on their community. With Trevor’s long-time focus on finance and global energy, along with Liz’s experience as a forward-looking brand strategist for international companies, diving into the clean energy sector was an ideal fit. The CU-Boulder alums were also drawn to the trend of entrepreneurship through acquisition to buy and build an existing local business.

“Across the country, millions of small business owners from the Baby Boomer generation are considering retirement, and many are looking for succession plans,” says Trevor. “Luckily for us, there happened to be a perfect fit.”

The pair struck up a connection with the founder of Independent Power Systems, a premium solar and battery storage installation company with a 26-year foundation along the Front Range and in Montana. Ownership of the business transitioned to Liz and Trevor in 2022. Next came an acquisition of residential electrical services company Windward Electric—which specializes in electric vehicle chargers and electric upgrades—and a company rebrand to the more holistic Independent Power.

“With our talented team, we meet the growing demands of our customers to break free from fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy,” says Liz. “Renewable energy is better for our living and working spaces, better for budgets and better for the environment.”

Independent Power specializes in helping customers build immediate and multi-year plans to transition their homes, businesses and vehicles to operate with clean energy. In addition to countless solar and electrification projects in and around Boulder, Denver, the Front Range and Bozeman, Independent Power has also built cutting-edge solar, storage, wind and hybrid systems in extreme environments around the world, including in Rocky Mountain National Park and military bases in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The company is committed to facilitating these transitions through premium solar and battery systems and whole-home electrification solutions. It’s a purpose that dates back to the company’s genesis in 1996.

“As a brand born in the backcountry and based in Boulder, our mission is to help everyone reclaim their energy independence,” says Liz. “We want to help you take full control of how you power your home and keep the lights on even when the grid goes out.”

The benefits of using clean energy are many, from improved indoor air quality to reduced carbon emissions, lower bills and energy consistency. Trevor also notes that residential solar transitions don’t have to be as intimidating as they might seem in cost or process.

Transitioning to solar and electric begins with a quick energy analysis to understand current and future needs. After assessing a building’s size, roof angle and direction with digital renderings, the Independent Power team creates a custom plan. Then they manage the entire installation process from planning and permitting to equipment installation and activation.

“Another common misconception about solar is that the payback period on a system is too long,” says Trevor. “The cost of a residential solar system varies based on size and quality. But there are easy, flexible financing options and more incentives and tax credits than ever before.”

Trevor notes that the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act includes $4.3 billion in home electrification and efficiency rebates. The solar and battery federal tax credit was returned to 30% and there are other rebates, credits and benefits for EV chargers, main panel upgrades and heat pumps so you never have to fill your car at the gas station or worry about heating and cooling.

“It may not be completely apparent right now, but the Inflation Reduction Act—and similar policies around the western world—are going to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuel-powered homes and cars,” says Trevor. “Electric vehicles, heating and cooling and appliances will ensure energy independence and help us all future-proof our homes.”

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