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Canola Fields in Star

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The Rising Star

The community of Star offers small town charms with big town conveniences

Article by Ashley Loeb

Photography by Ashley Loeb

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

With a history steeped in the journeys of western travelers along the Oregon trail or heading to nearby mines, Star has been a resting place for people since the mid-1800’s. Earning its name from a wooden star posted on its first schoolhouse, Star became a welcoming destination and remains so to this day. Current Mayor Trevor A. Chadwick declared that “Star remains a beacon of goodness, friendliness, and community spirit that draws people from all over the U.S. in search of a place to call home.” 

On the drive into Star, big box stores, warehouses, and ever-flowing traffic give way to farmhouses amongst pastures of cows, horses, and bright yellow canola fields. At the edge of town, the Star Riverwalk path meanders through the trees where a crane may soar overhead while ducks float down the Boise River. On the main thoroughfare, there’s a mix of old and new as the western-town feel of newer establishments like the Rustic Table blend with the historic Star Mercantile grocery store. Star is no stranger to coffee and baked goods, both of which can be found at the locally owned Bordertown Coffee which offers a drive through and unlimited drink concoctions from a welcoming staff. For those that aren’t in a hurry, the adorable red structure is adorned with the perfect patio for pups or a chat with a friend. 

While heading out of town to nearby conveniences like Costco or Scheels, it’s also easy to imagine a relaxing weekend in Star visiting the nearby wineries or taking a swing at the very approachable and beginner-friendly golf course, River Birch. Options like Proof Kitchen and Cocktails or Sully’s Pub and Grill offer both modern and more home-cooked options for a meal. And no small town experience would be complete without a watering hole like Beer Guys Saloon! But perhaps best of all is that Star provides a safe haven with open-spaces, friendly faces, and new communities with the views to all of the beautiful landscapes and expansive starry sky that will make you never want to leave!

  • Star Riverwalk
  • Star Riverwalk
  • Star Riverwalk
  • Star Riverwalk
  • Star Riverwalk Structure
  • Bordertown Coffee
  • Bordertown Coffee
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  • River Birch Golf Facility
  • Canola Fields
  • Canola Fields in Star