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W Hotel Punta De Mita from my morning stroll along the beach

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The Riveria Nayarit

W Hotel Punta de Mita, keeping the lure of Mexico alive!

W Hotel Punta de Mita is a luxurious seaside retreat, nestled along the pristine shores of Mexico's Riviera Nayarit, offering breathtaking ocean vistas and never-ending beaches. The intoxicating sounds of the sea embrace the visitor; providing an oceanic soundtrack for my stay, immediately taking me to a state of peaceful mindfulness that delivers relaxation and excitement simultaneously. Whether you delve into the region's glorious indigenous culture, a crafted culinary experience, or simply frolic in the ocean, this destination is the epitome of modern luxury in a thoughtful, understatedly elegant, tropical paradise.

The hotel offers a global culinary adventure with a local twist. The Spice Market, with Mexican-inspired flavors, and the hotel’s main global cuisine restaurant Venazu are a must. Tequila is king in Mexico. Be sure to find the José Cuervo Speakeasy, a culinary celebration of the Reserve De La Familia Tequila. Chevycheria, housed in a repurposed powder blue Chevy truck, is parked on the beach in its forever home. This surfside spot offers some of the most creative seafood dishes. Be sure to enjoy Pescado Zarandeado, a classic Nayarit grilled fish served butterflied with roasted vegetables and salsa. And, if you are lucky enough to be calling one of the newly renovated, impeccably designed, Marvelous Beachfront Villas your home away from home, the floating breakfast in your private dipping pool is an absolute must! From crafted cocktails to thoughtfully curated bites, each restaurant at W Hotel Punta de Mita is a perfect culinary adventure.

The glorious Mesa1 is single-table, bespoke restaurant, sculpted from a cross-section of a locally sourced, enormous Parota tree trunk that seems to emerge from the manmade freshwater lake. With only one seating per day, this “table” is one of the world's most exclusive outdoor dining experiences.

My first adventure was an exhilarating journey into waves, mindfulness, and balance with surfing. After some onshore training, I paddled out, dipping my board into the surging ocean waves. The rush and anticipation were real. Mixed with the salty ocean spray and crisp air, my heart pounded as I stood atop my board and caught my wave for the first time ever. The feeling of the ocean's energy beneath my slowly steading legs took my breath away. 

With each wave, I learned more about my physical and mental limitations, the ocean’s rhythm, and my steadfast determination to hang ten, ultimately finding a harmony between my life and the sea.

The Mayan cacao ceremony is one of abundance, connection, and healing. It represents a strengthening of self and a peaceful unity within and a natural connection to all living things. Guided by Gina Cordova, a Mayan holistic therapist, the cacao ceremony sought to connect me to the physical ground beneath me, as well as to the sky, moon, and stars that dazzled above the sandy beaches. Eating and praying the history of the Mayan culture, thoughtfully guided and enriched by interpretive music, was a once in a lifetime experience that has reverberated in the weeks and months since my visit to Punta de Mita!

The ice bath and cold plunge offer a transformative experience, merging the shock of icy waters with the exhilaration of one’s own vitality. Stepping into the ice-cold water, one confronts a rush of sensations, awakening every nerve and revitalizing the spirit. The chill ignites a primal heat, invigorating both mind and body, leaving a trail of renewed vigor and resilience. Each moment submerged in the frigid embrace is a test of courage, met with a profound sense of empowerment. Emerging from the icy waters, one carries a newfound appreciation for the harmony between stillness and action, and a profound connection to our inner strength.

Take a trip off property and enjoy the neighboring town of Sayulita, a charming fishing village with incredible beaches. No one has ever met a stranger in Sayulita. It’s an easy, fun, colorful atmosphere with incredible shopping and great restaurants. The local market right in the town square, has all the sights and sounds of a quaint seaside Mexican town without all the hustle and bustle. Be sure to stop by Chocobanana for a hand-dipped, chocolate-covered, frozen banana with coconut or sprinkles. It might just be the most delicious and refreshing seaside treat ever invented!

As I continue to travel and explore this amazing world of ours, W Hotel Punta de Mita will remain one of the highlights of my life. It was there that I reclaimed my voice and refreshed my warrior within, allowing me to grow without boundaries into my limitless future. It was an experience like no other!

  • Marvelous Suite
  • Cacao ceremony instrumental prayers and meditation.
  • Marvelous Suite dipping pool and private terrace.
  • Nothing says welcome more than the grand lobby of W Hotel Punta De Mita
  • The hotel's mascot greets you upon your arrival!
  • W Hotel Punta De Mita from my morning stroll along the beach
  • The floating breakfast, served only in the Marvelous Suite.
  • Our cacao guides setting up for our guided meditation and spiritual awakening.
  • Mesa1, set for another incredible culinary adventure.
  • You cannot miss the gigantic wildlife murals that dot the W Hotel Punta de Mita