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The Rose Thief – it sounds like it might be the title of a mystery novel, an espionage movie, or even the name of a song. Instead, it’s the novel and intriguing name of a floral studio in Hatfield. Floral designer Belinda Bennett said the creative and unusual name for her business was inspired by childhood memories of innocently stealing flowers from a neighbor’s garden to give to her mother (this writer confesses to having done the same), and “Where the Wild Roses Grow,” a song by musician Nick Cave.

“The name Rose Thief is a bit more creative and reflects my work and what I do,” Belinda said, explaining that roses are always the signature flower in her arrangements. “I love roses and you can get them in so many colors and varieties. They are timeless and you can find them year-round.” Belinda said she likes to think creatively about each arrangement she makes. For example, she said she loves reflexed roses - roses that are manipulated in such a way as to make a more structured and bigger bloom.  “You pop the petal back on the rose, making it three times as big – and you can see all the colors inside,” she explained. 

The creative side of the business is what Belinda loves most. “Bringing someone’s idea to life - from small bouquets to large installations, is really exciting for me,” she said.  When asked if she has a favorite flower, Belinda said that while she doesn’t really have a favorite, she is drawn to the classic, velvety, deep burgundy rose. “We’ll have plenty of roses for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day,” she added. Color will be big, too, she said, as people are tiring of winter and looking forward to colorful flowers for spring. “I also create a unique statement arrangement for Valentine’s Day and for Mother’s Day,” Belinda said. She also creates seasonal arrangements – usually designer’s choice.

It was after the move to Hatfield that Belinda decided to start her own business, and The Rose Thief was born. “I do love it here,” she said. “Everything fell into place easily,” Belinda said of The Rose Thief studio overlooking the Connecticut River where she makes her floral magic happen. The studio is also where she meets with clients for wedding consultations and where she collaborates with photographers on creative projects. “Hatfield is such a beautiful place, surrounded by historical homes and the view of the river,” she said.

Belinda is looking forward to the beginning of the 2023 wedding season. “I love the traveling aspect of it, which takes me to all corners of New England.” Her designs for each wedding are unique to the couple. “The flowers should be about what you love and reflect who you are on your wedding day,” 

No matter what the occasion she designs flowers for, Belinda describes them as ephemeral. “It’s all about creating a moment,” she said.

The Rose Thief
131 Main Street Suite #107
Hatfield, Massachusetts, 01038
(413) 247-6175


Valentine's Day
Grab a timeless and stunning bouquet of roses or for yourself or someone special.

Mother's Day
Wow mom with a wonderful arrangement bursting with colors that make a long-lasting impression.

Create the day of your dreams with picture-perfect flowers that reflect the story between you and your loved one.

Personalize your next event by designing a customized arrangement to match your memorable moment!


Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Belinda and her husband lived in Oregon, where she attended the Floral Design Institute. They moved to Hatfield to be closer to his family in the area. The organization is close to her heart, as her husband passed away from cancer. She donates 10% of the sale of each seasonal arrangement to the Cancer Connection.

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