The Search for the Best Craft Cocktail in Town

Gentleman Jack Culture Shaker Contest and Concert Supports Bartenders in Albuquerque

Craft cocktails are a very personal experience. A good mixologist can take your tastebuds to places you can’t go with a beer or wine. Just like an artist, they can bring alive a mix of ingredients in unexpected ways. It’s an old art form making a resurgence in the best way.

Albuquerque is a city of diversity and culture. As our community grows, so does our taste for the better things in life. Venturing out to places that support craft cocktails is always a good time that inspires sharing and appreciation.

Gentlemen Jack Culture Shakers is a program that was created to showcase and acknowledge how bartenders are crafting our culture today. The bartending industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, especially in areas that experience massive shutdowns. As we move out of the last two years of restrictions, many of us are looking to enjoy and savor the best things in our community. The craft cocktail industry is waiting to serve…

Ivan Toro is the New Mexico State Manager for the Brown-Forman Brands, like Jack Daniels. He organized the event with the help of the Dirty Bourbon to support and bring much-needed recognition to our local bartenders in Albuquerque.

Eleven contestants participated and represented some of the best bars and restaurants in and around town! The Culture Shaker program is also highlighting the diversity of bartenders in the craft community. Diversity and inclusion were well represented in the contest with participants from different backgrounds, ethnicity, and gender.

The contest required each mixologist to craft three drinks in a matter of 15 minutes. Judges for this event were Daniel Warren from Albuquerque Whiskey Society, ------, ----, ---. They had to grade each contestant on their presence and technique, and the visual appeal, taste, creativity, and cocktail name for each creation.

The audience was fully engaged and showed a ton of support by cheering during each round. The bartenders themselves, were supportive of one another and had nothing but compliments for each cocktail.

The cocktails were more than appealing, they made the crowd downright thirsty! The judges had a difficult time with so many delicious flavors. As results were tallied, everyone waited with anticipation, not even judges had a solid feeling as to which bartenders would come out on top!

It was a strong competition that did not disappoint. In the end, Arcy Law from M’tucci’s Italian took the competition with his ….. Taking second with ….. was Megan Lees from Bourbon &  Boots, and winning third place with her ….., was Noemi Leon from Hotel Albuquerque. It was a strong competition and the other participants did not disappoint.

A lifestyle is to be crafted. Get out and find these amazing bartenders at M'tuccis Italian, Bourbon & Boots, Hotel Albuquerque, Dirty Bourbon, Canvas, Artichoke Cafe, Vernon's Steakhouse, Seasons, Salt Yard West, and many many more. They are all ready and happy to help you experience the finer things in Albuquerque.

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