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Skin-Tightener of Tomorrow

Dr. O'Connell Brings Us the ellacor System

Non- and minimally-invasive procedures have revolutionized aesthetics. Brilliant technology can now, without surgery, brighten, tighten, lift, and lighten almost every inch of one’s body.

Drawback being, it’s easy to forget that, though knife-less, these aesthetic procedures are hard-core and constantly being improved.

Consider some of the equipment in these treatments: needles, lasers, injectable liquids. All can injure if not used properly. You don’t want a “technician” shooting toxins and hormones into your face or blasting your epidermis with lasers strong enough to burn (the first medical treatment using a laser was to annihilate a tumor.)

Pile onto this innovation: companies are always developing and enhancing technology. You can get a laser facial or a cellulite reduction procedure, but are there newer options with much better results?

Beauty is pain. It’s also expensive. Make sure you know what’s available and who can best do it.

Westport’s Dr. O’Connell, a top plastic surgeon nationally, is known for personally administering all BOTOX, Dysport® and injectable fillers himself. These are important procedures that shouldn’t be delegated to someone less knowledgeable.

He’s expert in the contours and musculature of the face. He’s also expert in the “ingredients” of each injectable, knows which ones are premium, and understands how they interact with the human body.

With this knowledge, he achieves the best results both for aesthetic and long-lasting effect. He also knows how to lessen side effects such as bruising and swelling, or worse. (Unfortunately, no one can guarantee side effects won’t happen.)

Further, Dr. O’s positioned to find and evaluate “cutting edge” technology and bring it home to us. He explains, “As President of our State Plastic Surgical Society and former national spokesman, I'm speaking to plastic surgeons throughout the country on a daily basis.”

Which is how he discovered the Ellacor® System: a much-buzzed-about skin tightener for moderate to severe wrinkles.

Ellacor® is a revolutionary technology that uses hollow needles to “micro-core™”: puncture and remove a strategic pattern of skin. Unlike lasers, it can be used for any skin type.

Micro-coring triggers the body’s natural collagen production as the targeted area heals. The tissue is forced to reconnect with tissue across the removed epidermis, tightening the skin remaining. Before this, removing skin could only be done with surgery (facelifts, brow lifts). The result is firmer, smoother skin.

“All prior technologies create an injury in the skin and rely upon the body's healing ability to generate the aesthetic result,” Dr. O explains. “But the same amount of skin is still there after the treatment.” By actually removing skin, Ellacor® is more effective and longer-lasting than these treatments.

The system works almost everywhere skin exists. “The possibilities are almost endless - already I'm doing brow lifting with it and I've been treating the lower face, neck, submental area and nasolabial folds.” 

No surprise, companies are scrambling to replicate the system. “One of the laser companies is already trying to create a similar product. I've seen it in action - but it's not the same.” 

Although Ellacor® recommends up to three treatments spaced a month apart, Dr. O has seen results with as little as one. “One of the things I like is that it's incremental. For a younger patient only one or two sessions might be necessary. We're currently seeing beautiful results within the first week and the patient's are our best proponents of the procedure.” 

This treatment “requires injection of local anesthesia and knowledge of the anatomy, including the thickness of the skin in various areas of the face and body.“ Tough to trust even the micro-elimination of one’s largest organ to anyone but a physician.

He adds “Learning about new ways to help my patients and new developments in the field are some of the things that make my job fun and exciting.”

Fun and exciting, too, for his patients.

For more information:

  • Before and 90 days post-treatment.
  • Dr. O'Connell (Photo: Melani Lust)
  • Before and 150 days post-treatment, 2 sessions.
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