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The Smile Journey is a Self-Care Journey

A quick Google search will reveal dozens of orthodontists near you that offer cosmetic options, but when it comes down to it, most orthodontic providers offerlimitedadult treatment options.  And often, adults rarely prioritize their orthodontic needs.  If that’s you, maybe it’s time to give your smile the care it deserves.  PORTH Orthodontics offers more than the standard menu that places an emphasis on patient experience. 

Life is busy for moms, but not too busy for you. 

Orthodontic care is more than just a cosmetic treatment for straighter teeth; it’s a commitment to your overall health and a commitment to you. The confidence that comes from an improved smile is also part of a self-care journey. Most of us live very full lives as we strive to balance work and family responsibilities with our own personal needs. At PORTH, we’ve optimized every facet of the orthodontic treatment process to compliment your busy life, not take from it. 

Finding time to make orthodontic appointments work in anyone's schedule can be difficult… 

And it’s clear that moms especially feel that pinch, so PORTH’s appointment times are optimized accordingly. Patients can schedule in the afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays when it makes sense in their lives. We also offer remote appointment options so that patients can reduce their trips to the clinic.

Cosmetic orthodontics are everything right now. 

There is an abundance of new technology impacting the orthodontic world to deliver precision treatment planning and outcomes - like did you know we don’t take plaster mold impressions anymore!? But what’s most important for you are the aesthetic options out there. Clear aligners are a great option for some patients, but ultimately more trouble than they’re worth for others. At PORTH, our absolute favorite cosmetic option is lingual braces. They are truly invisible because they are small brackets placed behind your teeth. Only a limited number of orthodontists offer this option, given the specific set of technical skills the provider and team have to master. They’re truly the best of both worlds - invisible treatment that’s hands-off for the patient.

At PORTH, it’s all about our patients from top to bottom, start to finish. Dr. Rooz Khosravi established PORTH Personalized Orthodontics in 2017 to offer a personalized approach to orthodontic treatment. He offers individually tailored solutions aimed at creating precision outcomes to deliver beautiful, confident smiles to each of his patients.