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5th Grade Orchestra

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Orchestrating Impact Investing

Mercer Island School District Orchestra

An investment in all of us.  Our orchestra, our students, our community.  When you help the MISD orchestra, you help our community and support our shared future.  Mercer Island School District orchestras foster the growth of young musicians and artists, and multi-faceted students;  shaping the future of symphonies, composers, and well-rounded individuals. Supporting student musicians not only enriches our cultural landscape but also cultivates creativity, discipline, and teamwork.

Through music education, students develop invaluable skills that extend far beyond the concert hall, enhancing their academic performance and personal growth. An orchestra student’s journey through eight years of beautiful music is both mapped out with high expectations of outcomes and differentiated to his or her personal musical ambitions and passion.

Every orchestra student at any ability level can fully participate in the orchestra program through high school. 

Investing impact now and into the future: By investing in our district’s orchestra and fine arts programs, we invest in the future of our community, nurturing a generation of passionate individuals who will continue to inspire and contribute to the world of fine arts for years to come. 

For more information, upcoming concerts and donation opportunities, please visit the Mercer Island Orchestra Booster's website

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