The Sounds of Self-Care

Just thirty minutes away from downtown Austin, an oasis of calm can make the real world feel miles away

The noise of the world can feel overwhelming at times – a cacophony of disagreements, tensions, news and views. But a hideaway on the banks of Lake Austin offers your brain a break from the constant buzz, soothing you into a calmer mental space with peace, quiet and sounds that boost your wellbeing. 

Research has shown music lifts your mood, help you become more present and mindful and slows your breathing, while the sounds of nature reduces blood pressure and increases feelings of gratitude. Lake Austin Resort is exploring this evidence and sharing it with guests.

Nature Therapy

Sweeping through the gates into this oasis of green and blue, you pick up on sounds you may not notice in your everyday routine – birds singing, wind whistling through treetops. Take a guided hike through Hill Country and imbibe the rustling of woodland creatures making their homes and foraging for food, or fish splashing and leaping in the creeks. Quacking ducks distract you while you do Yoga alfresco on the dock. Back in your cozy room, the delightful sounds continue. On a miserable day there, snuggle up next to a crackling log fire and listen to the rain pattering on the windows. Its better than any app!


Sound Bathing

Head to the Treehouse studio to unwind as your instructor plays drums, crystal bowls and chimes creating waves of relaxation that are scientifically proven to decrease blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and heart rate, while improving mood, releasing tension, and clearing the mind.

Flute & Float Relaxation

This restful afternoon relaxation session is a guided floating meditation with the sounds of live flute in the gorgeous waters of the resort’s Pool Barn. Float on neutral buoyancy mats then drift away to the soothing sounds - a great way to end your day and prepare for a good night’s sleep.



Peaceful Piano

Laura Pastor, Lake Austin Spa Resort mind-body specialist, will prompt you on your journey to let music center and connect you with self-care. Often individuals who struggle with meditation feel music is simpler and more instantly relaxing than many other forms of mindful practices.

Beach Meditation

Flute & Fire is a meditative, relaxation experience on the resort’s Magnolia Shores beach. Josee Boutin of Quebec, Canada, a yoga, meditation, and sound bathing specialist, will lead you on a guided meditation among the trees, hills, and lakeside using the magic of the flute.

Golden Silence


Yet perhaps the loveliest sound is nothingness. Grab a book and take yourself to one of the hammocks set away from the main buildings, embrace being alone, and disappear into silence. Or take out a paddleboard for a solo cruise of the river.

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