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The Story of Rosewood

Childhood Dreams to Reality

I always knew I would have my own brand one day. At nine years old, I remember visiting my family in Mexico, with fabrics in one hand and sketches in the other. My grandmother’s neighbor was a dressmaker, and she would bring to life the dresses that danced in my head. 

As a Texas girl, I moved to Los Angeles and pursued a career in fashion design, and before I knew it, I was knee-deep in designing for a high-end women's brand, living what I thought was the dream. Yet something didn’t feel right. I felt a tug, a need to create something of my own, something that spoke to my soul.

In 2018 I welcomed my first daughter and found myself newly immersed in the world of children's clothing, where I struggled to find the premium fabrics I cherished in my professional life. It was during this search that Rosewood was born. More than just a brand, it became a love letter to my daughter, a promise to clothe her in the best I know.

Since our debut, the response has been overwhelming.  Every day, we receive messages from parents sharing their child's love for Rosewood and, in particular, our fabric. This fabric, the heart of Rosewood, brings our journey full circle, embodying the very essence of what we set out to create.

Motherhood and entrepreneurship are a delicate dance, both all-consuming and challenging to balance.  In choosing my own path, I know I either get to work hard to build my own dreams, or someone else will hire me to build theirs. Every day I think about the two little girls who are watching my every move, and I am reminded that quitting is not an option. By doing so, I hope to be an inspiration to my daughters to one day follow their dreams with unwavering passion. 

Rosewood isn't just a brand; it's a testament to chasing dreams, to the beauty of fabric, and to the joy of dressing the ones we love most. | @rosewoodthelabel

Rosewood isn't just a brand; it's a testament to chasing dreams.