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The Story That Your Home Tells Others

The Power of Making a House a Home

Keri Andre loves designing spaces and emphasizes the importance of incorporating distinctive pieces that tell stories in order to create the unique and authentic sanctuary that is your home. “You can have an Ethan Allen showroom look, but design falls flat if you don’t interject you into the design.”  Her experience staging homes while working in real estate, her own design studies, and gleanings from her builder brother have influenced Keri as a designer. She used her talents to create a safe haven for her husband and their three sons. 

Adorned with pieces of her family’s heritage and reflections of her life, Keri’s home communicates all she holds dear while maintaining functionality and style. For instance, a glass case in her entryway highlights heirlooms from the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Ignacio, Colorado on which her mother’s grandfather grew up. Forging a friendship with the tribe and Buckskin Charlie, the last Ute Chief, Keri’s great-grandfather shared horseback rides and Thanksgiving dinners with the chief. The friendship even gave rise to Keri’s great-grandfather receiving full Eagle headdresses from the tribe.  Atop the glass case is a map of her family’s 40-acre cattle ranch in Steamboat Springs where Keri grew up.  Also featured in her home is a vintage upright piano that belonged to her great, great, great aunt.  Keri’s mother played that piano, and Keri hopes one day to learn to play and share that with her grandchildren. 

A pallet that once held the hay bales of the last horses Keri owned now serves as a coffee table.  The master bedroom stands out as an important room for Keri and her husband. “It’s our private space where we start the day together and end the day together.” To add to its specialness, one wall is dressed with wood from the barn in which Keri and her brother used to raise cattle.  Also in the room is a chair from her grandfather’s law office that serves as a symbol of her admiration for her grandfather.  Keri attaches particular importance to the dining room table. “One of the altars in your sanctuary is your dining room table because that’s where you learn about your family. I have a great time dressing up the table and just making it feel special because those people sitting around the table are special to me.”  Showcasing her values, Keri’s home tells her story beautifully, “It’s an outward expression of me caring for the people that I love.”  For inquiries contact 

“You can have an Ethan Allen showroom look, but the design falls flat if you don’t interject you into the design. Your home should tell a story about those you love." -Keri Andre