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Bella Salon Collaborates and Supports Pocket Punch

Bella Salon wanted to show their gratitude for University of Texas Student and founder of Pocket Punch, Ashley Raymond, by treating her with a hairstyle and photoshoot! Here’s What Ashely had to say to us about her invention!

How did Pocket Punch begin and where did the idea come from?

The idea for Pocket Punch was born in a class project to create a business idea and pitch it. In coming up with the idea for our project, we thought to ourselves, “what is one thing we would all like to change?”

Before this project was announced, a stabbing had occurred on campus the previous semester, and a classmate passed away tragically as a result. Prior to that, another student was murdered on campus while walking home alone at night. After discussing, we realized we all wanted to feel more safe both on and off-campus. We asked students what they thought would be the most useful self-defense functions to carry on a daily basis, and we worked to combine these functions into one compact device.

Soon, this class project grew into a real passion for our team. After presenting, we decided to make Pocket Punch a reality.

Since then, we have graduated and we have been working hard on this 5-in-1 self defense device that we believe will give individuals the necessary tools to protect themselves in any given situation.

What is the mission of Pocket Punch?

Pocket Punch provides protection, power and peace of mind. Our mission is to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary tools to protect themselves in any situation.

How has Pocket Punch aided the Austin community and what is the motivating force behind it?

We are a team of young women. Some of us have had scary firsthand experiences, and we have seen them happen to friends and family. We see it happen on the news and read stories shared on social media. We all stress about our safety, and our parents worry about our safety as well. We know how important it is to feel protected when situations can get scary. We are motivated to bring a product to the market that addresses these safety concerns. We believe that no one should feel threatened, unsafe, or uncomfortable when going about their daily lives.

Pocket Punch is just taking off but already we have been able to bring awareness to assault that is taking place daily. We have started a real conversation about personal safety in our community. Many people may try to “forget” the tragic events that happen, however danger does not just go away or disappear without talking about it. If we address it, we can understand what needs to be done to make a change. Emphasizing it can help spread awareness in our community and prepare us for the future.

We know that people are conscious about what products they buy for themselves and others. Although there are many products on the market, there are no products with all the functions of Pocket Punch. We want to aid the Austin community by giving them a more all-encompassing, affordable, and useful solution to their safety needs.

Pocket Punch was co-founded by five female students at the University of Texas. Ashley Raymond, who is pictured above is one of the co-founders that has been with Pocket Punch since it was a class project.

What do you specialize in? (go into detail if you need to)

Pocket Punch allows you to take your personal safety into your own hands. Our first product is a 5-in-1 self-defense device. It has knuckles, a refillable pepper spray, a flashlight, an alarm, and a safety point. We are working to release this product to market in the next few months.

Why did you choose a self defense device as the niche for your business?

As a group of five female college students living in a large city, we all shared the same concerns and anxieties for our safety while walking or commuting alone on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones, and there is a constant need for self-defense products. We know crime is a bigger issue than the numbers reflect. Many occurrences go unreported.

Our passion for Pocket Punch grew stronger because we each had a real personal connection to this product idea. We believed that existing products in the market were good, but they didn’t suffice - something more all-encompassing could help us feel more secure. This movement for personal safety goes beyond us, and we, as a company, hope to help many others feel empowered to protect themselves. We hope that Pocket Punch will have a positive impact on many lives.

Self-defense is powerful! It enables you to take charge and protect yourself. We constantly see stories of assault where we strongly feel that Pocket Punch could have aided the situation. Crime is not going away. It’s better to be prepared and not need protection than to be unprepared and wish you had protection. We hope that you never have to use your Pocket Punch or any self-defense device, but we want you to have peace of mind and feel prepared for any situation.

What other strengths do you see yourself having that help the Austin community as a whole, and how do you plan on using your entrepreneurship skills for Pocket Punch and other organizations?

As a women-owned-and-founded business, we want to inspire other female founders to pursue their dreams. Additionally, we plan to stay involved with the University of Texas community and potentially mentor other student founders in the future.

How can the Austin community participate in Pocket Punch?

The Austin community has been very helpful in spreading the word about Pocket Punch thus far. We have received so much support throughout the process, and for that we are incredibly grateful. Many Austinites have reached out to us to share their personal stories and share times when they wished they had a Pocket Punch.

The Austin community can continue spreading the word and raising awareness about the prevalence of assault in our community. If we keep this conversation open, we can learn how to better protect ourselves and our loved ones. Hopefully, we can use Pocket Punch as a platform and tool to keep our community safe and strong.

At Pocket Punch, we’ve always said, “don’t be scared, be prepared.” The more we are able to take charge of our own safety, the more prepared we are for anything that might happen, and the stronger we become.

Where should those who want to donate or help your cause go to or contact?

To purchase a Pocket Punch you can visit If you have any questions or want to contact the team please email them at

How does it feel to have started Pocket Punch and call yourself a business owner essentially as well as an activist for the community?

I never planned on being an entrepreneur, but since the idea for Pocket Punch was born, I have never felt stronger about creating something and bringing a new idea to life. The team and I truly believe in this product. We see a true need for this that goes beyond us. We have been connecting with survivors, social justice advocates, friends, families, and community members and are humbled to see how many people share this passion for self-defense and personal empowerment. This company’s mission has a wider reach than we had ever anticipated, and we are so excited to see where it can go. I hope to use my voice as a founder to help propel this movement forward.

Are there any other significant things you would like to say regarding the story of Pocket Punch and its purpose in the community?

We can not emphasize enough that you don’t need to be scared. You do need to be prepared. Please do not let yourself or your loved ones find themselves in a situation where they are unprepared to defend themselves. #PowerToYourPunch Pocket Punch!

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