The Summerlin Sax Man

Justin Young's story of family, love, and music woven together like colors of a kaleidoscope

“There will always be a place for music,” said Justin Young. “No matter what happens in the world, every song tells a story and people love to hear great music!”

A lot has happened over the last two years. In Justin Young’s world, he moved his entire family into a new place to call home-Summerlin-with a chance to build his dream studio and a new community to embrace.

Yes, there is always a place for music. It’s consoling or uplifting; it’s a memory or a mood. That’s what Justin delivers. His passion for all types of music flows right out of his sax and into the hearts of his captured audiences.

He grew up deeply rooted in music in the suburbs of Motown - Detroit. His father, Jim Young is the charismatic, long time band leader of world-renowned “Kaleidoscope” perhaps, foretelling their family’s story.

There were often rehearsals in his living room with legendary musicians coming and going. Justin didn’t just learn the entertainment side of the industry, though. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic. He would often be found winding cables or growing to understand the marketing or financial part of the entertainment business. Musical talent came naturally, playing drums from a young age. He was gifted a soprano saxophone at the tender age of nine, which proved to be magical. By the time he was 15, he was playing on stage with his dad’s band and booking solo gigs.

Those gigs helped him earn an engineering degree from Michigan State University, leading to a corporate career in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Oklahoma. But his soul belonged to performing, and through those years, he never stopped writing, producing, and performing music. He is truly happiest when he’s engaging an audience, flashing his genuinely brilliant smile, holding an impossibly long note, and sharing his passion.

When the pandemic arrived, it created time to reflect, focus, and reshape the future like many of us. The draw of Las Vegas and its rich entertainment culture was enticing. The glamourous history of the Rat Pack is a definite vibe here. Justin is married to his high school sweetheart, Rachel, and together they were charmed by Summerlin's great schools, warm sunshine, and energy. The Young’s decided Vegas was a perfect fit for their family.

Justin dove right in and frequently plays at Frankie’s Uptown in Downtown Summerlin. He has met many talented locals at the Composer’s Showcase of Las Vegas. He’s earned high praise from local royalty Clint Holmes and is proud to have sold out his very own show at the Summerlin Performing Arts Center. He has quickly found success and is loving life here.

In his Summerlin studio, “Justntime,” history continues to play out as his father is mixing at the board, his daughter Vivienne is singing, and his son Tyler is playing the saxophone at his side. In a unique and powerful moment, three generations are sharing the gift of music. 

If you’re walking in Downtown Summerlin you might catch the velvety tones of Justin’s sax floating from Franikie’s Uptown, you might see him at a corporate event, Composer’s Showcase, or hear him on air-on social media channels. This year, "Justin Young Sax" is set to release a seventh album, score a movie, and hopes to expand his reach into the community to perform at more local corporate events.

Now at the helm of the family music biz, Justin’s story is of family, love, and music all woven together like colors in a “Kaleidoscope.”

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