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The Summertime Starter Pack

Have a summer you'll always remember with these timeless activities.

It's finally summertime! To celebrate the arrival of summer, we created this Summertime Starter Pack so you can enjoy it to the fullest! This list includes things to do with the family or with friends, or even just yourself. Whether you enjoy going out for excursions, or staying home for some 'me' time, we have something for you. Be sure to send us pictures of your summer fun for! Have a great summer Aiken.

Have A Picnic

This can be as simple as packing and sandwich and going to your backyard, or taking the family to a local park for extra fun! 

Go Kayaking

A great way to beat the summer heat is to go to the water. Grab your kayak and head outdoors. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Read A Book

Whether it's a new book or an old favorite, reading a book is a sure to give you the relaxation you need for the summer. 


The best way you can give back to our community this summer is to find a place to volunteer!

Have A Campfire

Bring out the graham crackers and marshmallows! Enjoy the night with a campfire, s'mores, and watching the stars. 

Pick Blueberries

Grab the kids and head to a blueberry patch! This will be a fun experience that you and your kids will never forget. For more fun, use the extra blueberries to make jams and other fun treats!

DIY Crafts and Projects

Crafting is a great way for the whole family to work together and create something beautiful. Whether it's home decor, a bird house, or paper mache, the fun is in the process!