The Superhero of Your Summer

“Grillmaster” isn’t just a backyard title at Modern Propane

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by Ryan Hicks

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

As grilling season heats up, it’s time to hear that summer song that we hear way too much every year: “Why won’t this thing work?”

Just like that, your backyard barbeque has ground to a halt. You’re either out of propane (if you’re lucky), or worse, your grill is kaput. 

So as you grumble your way inside to put away all your carefully prepared cookout food and pivot to yet another pasta night, you make a mental note to pick up a new grill the next time you head out to get your garden supplies.

What if there were a better way?

Well, Doug Fleischer could be the superhero to your summer. At least, the savior of your barbeque season. As owner of Modern Propane, he’s seen every possible grill issue that comes up. And he’s here to help. 

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘you’ve saved my barbeque,” Doug offers. “I’ve been involved in the business for twenty-plus years, my family’s been involved in it for 40-plus years. There’s no school to tell us what we know, we only know it because we’ve been in it for multiple generations now.” 

“There are things that I’ve learned over the decades. People tell me that no one knows why the grill isn’t getting hot and they feel like they’ve tried everything. I know where it’s going in how they ask me things, and I can solve the problem for them in the first piece of guidance I give them.”

But what about when it’s time for a new grill? You have to figure that it’s just easier to pick one up at Home Depot, right? Just pick one up there and you’re done. Easy, sure. You’re already there. Better? Unh-uh.

“We’ve got over 50 grills on display at our store. We know these things inside and out. Every one is offered for free assembly. That means the same guys put them together. They know every screw, every washer that goes into them. Mechanically, we are the experts in what we do.”

Propane is in Doug’s blood, so to speak. It’s been the family business for generations. He’s also the owner of Jack Gas, the home delivery propane service. Heating the outdoors is simply his thing, including gas fire pits, outdoor pizza ovens, smokers, beer brewing kits (yes, that’s propane heated as well), and even turkey fryers, particularly in November. Yes, this is a year-round business.

With this much institutional knowledge, why trust your grilling to a big-box store? You’ll get whatever they have there, have to shove it into your car and probably have to set it up yourself. Doug will assemble it, deliver it, and haul your old, skanky one away, for the same price as you’d get from that part-time retiree in the garden department who’s wearing an orange apron. 

So as you’re struggling to fire up your grill and really need to do something about it, ask yourself one simple question: How important is your summer?

Call your summer superhero and get back to being the king of your backyard again.

(For more, visit Modern Propane in Lodi, or online at

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