The Surgical Artistry of Dr. Andrew Gear

Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center

Dr. Andrew Gear is a plastic surgeon who approaches medicine from a holistic perspective. Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center is founded on the principle that when applied properly, plastic surgery is an art form that reveals the natural beauty already within the individual. Dr. Gear believes plastic surgery cannot be based solely on the outward appearance, the process must consider how subtle physical changes can improve mental and emotional well-being, resulting in an increased or renewed level of self-confidence.

Confronting a Family Legacy

Dr. Gear hails from a long line of prestigious physicians and surgeons of note in Scotland, the US and globally. His grandfather, Dr. Harry S. Gear, co-founded the World Health Organization. Dr. Andrew Gear now represents the fifth generation of physicians in his family.

In his youth, Dr. Gear was tempted to pursue another career path, one aligned with his natural gifts for writing and photography that would allow him to “define his own identity.” Initially, Dr. Gear was ambivalent about committing to a career in medicine because he knew first-hand the immense demands the life of a physician entails. Dr. Gear credits his conversion to Christianity as a young adult with his decision to dedicate himself to medicine.

Highly Trained Medical Staff

At Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, the staff is made up of a community of medical professionals, each personally chosen by Dr. Gear and his wife, Heather, who is the CFO and office manager of the practice. Staff is chosen based on their medical expertise and their ability to express empathy, creating a nurturing atmosphere that instills confidence in patients and puts them at ease during procedures and office visits.

Skin Services

Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center offers an array of customizable facials and chemical peels for every skin type to rejuvenate, improve skin tone, treat acne, age spots and other problem areas while improving fine lines and wrinkles. Specialty services including Virtue RF Microneedling and CoolPeel CO2 Laser are offered along with a variety of wrinkle treatments.

Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center has therapy options for other common conditions including hyperhidrosis, spider veins and double chin.

Services for Men

Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center offers a variety of services just for men. While Dr. Gear acknowledges “men are still more reticent” about having cosmetic procedures compared to women, the practice is becoming more widely accepted. As celebrities increasingly share their plastic surgery experiences, men are recognizing they too want to appear as youthful and energetic on the outside as they feel inside.

Frequently Requested Non-Surgical Procedures for Men

Dr. Gear’s male patients commonly request Laser Hair Removal, Botox and dermal fillers. These non-surgical treatments require minimal procedure and recovery time. A youthful appearance can be regained through these simple treatments, yielding subtle, yet noticeable results in as little as one appointment.

Popular options for those facing age-related weight gain around the waist and abdomen that proves resistant to exercise and diet, often opt for minimally invasive, non-surgical body contouring procedures. Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center offers two options: CoolSculpting and CoolTone. These treatments target and effectively remove fat deposits and build muscle.

Liposuction always ranks among the top requested cosmetic surgeries for men seeking a way to lose stubborn fat.

The Consultation Process

Dr. Gear’s patients appreciate his attentive and honest consultation style. As the doctor observes, “People resonate with the truth.”

If a patient requests a procedure that will result in an unnatural look, Dr. Gear tells them so and suggests an appropriate alternative. This straight-forward approach has earned Dr. Gear the trust and respect of his patients, leading to numerous endorsements: “3/4ths of my business is word of mouth” notes Dr. Gear.

Request a Consultation Today

Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center is located at 11030 Golf Links Drive, Suite 103, Charlotte, NC, 28277. Call or text 704.771.1747 to speak to an expertly trained medical professional. You can also schedule a consultation online at

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