The Tale of Two Tails

Meet Pikes Peak Premier Dog Trainer, Fernando Gonzalez

The seeds were planted for Two Tails Training a decade ago when founder Fernando Gonzalez made it his goal to win over a friend’s rescue bait dog. A “bait dog” is sadly a punching bag used by dog fighters to train their game dogs.

“I didn't know anything about dog training, period—but I knew I was just going to be patient and present,” says Gonzalez. “Week after week, this traumatized dog would see me. In six months, the pittie went from trying to attack and kill me to being possessive and protective of me.”


Gonzalez is primarily self-taught: reading, studying and practicing, with years of trial-and-error to get to where he is today.

“I began working with a variety of dogs over and over and over again,” says Gonzalez. “Right off the bat, I was dealing with severe anxiety, human-aggressive dogs, and I was dumb enough to try. I look back at some of the things I did and think, ‘I was so stupid.’ I really could’ve gotten hurt.”

But learning through experience taught him that one-on-one training is principle. “I learned very quickly that what works with 99 dogs doesn't work for the 100th. They have different personalities and temperaments—some need a bit more TLC and some need sternness.”

Structure + Leadership

Two Tails gets its name from when a happy dog wags its tail so fast it looks like it has two. Two Tails believes in structure and leadership to create structure and peace.

“Dogs need direction, rules and obedience,” says Gonzalez. “With those, they end up having a sense of purpose and fulfillment. They need to be mentally stimulated. It’s part of their inner truth. Even myself, if I don’t have structure—if I’m not waking up early to go boxing or work out, and if I’m not eating well, a disastrous domino effect happens, and quickly.”

Having the owner commit to Gonzalez’s training is paramount, and he invites those interested in his services to do their research first. 

“I'm a very open person and I’m active on Instagram. A lot of people are sent my way, but I still make them go through my social media to make sure what I do vibes with you because that's important. At the end of the day, it's more about the owner vibing with me than anything else."

Facebook + Instagram: @twotailstraining

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