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Locals Embrace Extreme Winter Sports

The boys in the Ridgefield based Glennon family would 'ski anytime anywhere".  Cashell, age 13, Lucan, age 12 and Rowan, age 9 have participated in Extreme Sports for years. Their truest passion is freestyle skiing, specifically the disciplines of slopestyle and halfpipe. 

We spoke with their mother, Tammy who owns Sammy & Nat on Main Street about her boys' commitment to freestyle skiing and if perhaps her daughter, Aoife who is seven and beginning to compete this year will follow in her siblings' daring path. 

Rowan who is pictured won Gold in the National USASA championship for halfpipe last year and Silver in the National USASA slopestyle event last April. 

'They thrive on the thrill of the aerial aspects coupled with the ability to perform and add their unique personality to each run for the judges.'  As parents who have never competed in a judged sport, we are so very proud of the resilience and patience that the sport has taught them.  They learn that if you fall, you have another chance to get back up and turn around the judges.  

Those scores reflect technique, style and execution and you have to put the time in in order to achieve the most flawless performance.   And while they each compete against teammates, they truly support one another on their journey and at every competition.  They long to be back in Vermont with their team from the moment we put the skis away in May.'  

  • Rowan Glennan at the USASA competitions throughout the season last year.
  • Rowan Glennan at the USASA competitions throughout the season last year.