The Timberhouse

Modern Design Meets Farmhouse Charm

“I love your house!” This has been the catchphrase of the year. “At first it was a bit startling to have people always pulling in our driveway, knocking on our door, and leaving notes in our mailbox. But we have gotten used to it and we are very happy the community has embraced our home.” Says Celeste Mueller. 

Westlake City Lifestyle was so excited to catch up with Celeste Mueller, the homeowner/interior designer of this captivating house, named, Timberhouse. If you live in the city you have undoubtedly driven by and commented on its beauty. 

Timberhouse’s theme was inspired by our love of the coast and being drawn to a calming environment. If I had to describe it, I would say that it is a Scandinavian farmhouse with a coastal feel and a touch of French influence. “I’ve lived on this property in Westlake for thirteen years. The first time I saw the original farmhouse my heart melted. I was newly single and looking for a place to call home for me and my two boys. When I saw the for sale sign, I thought “Where the heck did that house come from?” I would later find out that the previous owner took down tons of trees, and shrubs that left the home nearly invisible to the street for years. 

We asked Celeste to tell us all about the home-building process.

One of the sweetest things about our new home is that certain windows mimic the windows of our old farmhouse, and look out onto the exact same views, so it seems to preserve those fond memories of being in our old farmhouse. It was also very heartwarming after we came out of transitional housing to move back into Timberhouse that our animals were familiar with the property and you could tell they felt at home.

We balanced the functionality and the aesthetics in the home by adding details, like a convertible, transom window in our walk-in shower that turns it into a steam room. We turned a linen closet on the second floor into a secondary laundry for our children. Laundry is no joke with college kids! We added an exterior barn on the back of the property for my husband’s office/music room. The house also boasts front and back porches as well as a walkout porch off the basement, a sunset porch off our barn and several different entertaining spaces in the barn. This provides space for everyone to spread out, especially if multiple children want to host company on the same night.

Warm finishes reflect our style. There are cozy spaces even though it’s a large home, and the design has a classic, timeless feel.  A delicate balance exists between large spaces like our nine-foot kitchen island with plenty of room for everyone to join in on homemade pasta dough night. There is also a mix of many smaller spaces to find your peace and quiet.

For anyone interested in building their dream home, the advice I  would give is to spend more time planning it out than you do building it. Make albums of what you love and an inspiration book. I did a three-ring binder with many ideas and paint swatches before we ever spoke to a builder. Your vision board is your best tool. And of course, hire a designer, at the end of the day they will be your best investment.  Who knows you might end up with a great friend too!

Challenges during our build were dealing with the pandemic and supplies. I tried my best to prioritize our local smaller businesses first before resorting to big box stores and online shopping. Instead of being just the client, I became a full-time designer and project manager needing to be on site most days to keep the job moving. I would say hiring a designer, real-estate agent, real estate attorney and/or a project manager is worthwhile. Thankfully design is my passion, so it was manageable for me. My husband handled the logistics with the city, estimates and the business end with our contractor.

 I incorporated my and my family’s personal style by bringing in calm, neutral colors and warm, cozy, comfortable finishes with hard surfaces that feel timeless and are easy to keep clean.

 Unique features include the fun swings on our front porch. It's impossible to swing and be unhappy! It is one of the favorite spots and anyone who visits exclaims, “But first we have to try the swing!”  We extended our wood-burning fireplace hearth to span the whole family room and had a hand-poured concrete hearth. We installed a built-in state-of-the-art Thermador cappuccino maker that can be programmed through Bluetooth. You can actually order coffee from your bed! My personal favorite:)

Timberhouse is undeniably one of  Westlake’s most unique homes. We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind home. For design services, email CelesteMueller1127@gmail.com.

I encouraged our children to pick their bedroom paint colors by choosing something from their closet that they love to wear. Their retro bath is black with a classic subway shower, diner-inspired flooring and a giant soaking tub. The girls have a warm white and gold bath. 

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