The Tradition of Lynndale

Providing support services and unique opportunities for adults with disabilities

Thousands of lives have been impacted through Lynndale, Inc., since the community support service opened its doors in 1954. “Our mission is to provide people with disabilities and their families with valuable support through person-centered training and community resources, enabling them to determine their future,” shares Veronica Nipper, Executive Director of Lynndale, Inc. “We are a community support service governed by a Board of Directors, but also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and we are contracted with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.” Currently, Lynndale serves one hundred and eighty-four individuals.

Lynndale offers a variety of programs for adults with disabilities ages eighteen and up, with no upper age limit. “We have a Community Integration Program, which consists of facility-based/individuals in the classrooms and volunteer groups,” explains Veronica. “With our Community Integration Program, training is tailored to the needs and desires to the person served, along with input from the family/caregivers in the areas of adult living skills, socialization skills, community integration, safety skills and mobility. Our volunteer groups go into the community and volunteer at different venues. Some have gone to churches to assist with folding bulletins; others have worked at Goodwill with folding, hanging up, and organizing clothes.”

“Our Organizational Employment Program consists of pre-vocational workgroups and includes individuals who work in our cane and rush departments, our furniture refinishing department, the greenhouse and our tie-dye shop, which are on-site,” she adds. “Individuals are allowed to choose if they want to work, and if so, they can choose a particular group that they would like to be in.”

For those who want to work out in the community, Lynndale offers an Individual Community Employment Program. “This program consists of our individuals working independently in the community,” explains Veronica. “We have an employment coach who oversees them twice a month and is willing to help if they need additional assistance learning a job or mastering a specific skill.”

For families interested in pursuing Lynndale’s services for a loved one, there is a single point of entry through their Region 2 office. The process includes assessments to see if the individual is eligible for their services and qualifications for payment waivers offered through the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health. Additional private pay options are available to those individuals who do not qualify for payment waivers.

Veronica, who has been serving at Lynndale since 1980, has many reasons why she enjoys her career. “It's very rewarding field. I love being able to help each individual reach the level of their greatest potential,” says Veronica. “This is also where you find unconditional love. The individuals we serve with developmental disabilities are genuine and pure. You can come in and if you've had a bad day, they can look at you almost instantly and they want to give you a hug and just brighten your day.”

Veronica’s attitude permeates the staff as well, which is currently made up of forty paid staff and five volunteers. “If you’re looking for an elite facility for your loved one to attend, check us out.  We have some of the best staff that anyone could ask for. We’re equipped with Direct Service Professionals (DSP) who are the most compassionate, attentive, and caring workers. Our Admin staff are a refreshing bunch who are willing to go above and beyond with ensuring that their specialty is serving you and your loved one in the capacity in which they’ve been given.”

Although Lynndale has paid staff members, volunteers are welcome and serve an important role. For more information on the services and programs at Lynndale, to find out how to volunteer or partner with the programs, or to donate, visit or call (706) 738-3395.

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