The Trip of a Lifetime

Magical Moments Makes Your Disney Dreams Come True (with No Sweat!)

Is there a phrase more spring-loaded with joy than “We’re going to Disney World!”? Both kids and adults alike can’t help but grin from ear to ear when they hear these four magical words, conjuring up that wealth of good feelings you get when you learn you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. The togetherness. The fun. The food. And, of course, allll the memories you’re about to make. 

But before the magic can happen, there’s a wee bit of planning involved. Okay, a lot of planning. A ton. There’s the matter of travel. And shuttle services. And park tickets. And park hopper transfers. And a dining plan. And what even is Disney Genie+? 

Thankfully, there are independent travel agents like Renee Gorman with Magical Moments Vacations who are well-versed at all things Disney, who work as a behind-the-scenes waver of wands, eager to make your Disney dreams come true. And best of all? Renee does it for free (yep, there’s no charge for her services!)

Disney for Life
Renee, a proud Disney-loving adult (and former Disney-loving child) cherishes the memories she created with friends and family over the years, having made the pilgrimage to Walt Disney World just about every year since she was seven.

So when her daughter started high school, the choice to join Magical Moments Vacations as an agent was an easy one—the job was a perfect match that engaged her passion both for travel and all things Disney. 

As a Disney Diamond (platinum level) EarMarked Agency with the Disney Travel Company, Magical Moments Vacations is a designated Authorized Disney Vacation Planner—which means they’ve established themselves as one of the most reputable and trusted agencies with Disney Destinations.

To keep that trust and remain specialized, Renee still takes her own Magic Kingdom trips, visiting Disney Destinations/Orlando at least two to three times per year (with a little Universal Orlando and Disney Wish cruises sprinkled in). This first-hand knowledge helps her and other Magical Moments Vacations agents plan the vacations of their clients’ dreams.

Planning with Magical Moments Vacations
As a home-based travel advisor, Renee uses multiple modes of communication to help in the planning process—from emails to calls to coffee meetups.

Renee says communicating early and often is one of the best ways to start planning with Magical Moments Vacations—she asks a lot of questions upfront to ensure the vacay of a lifetime. “I need to truly understand what kind of trip clients are envisioning, as well as learn practical information such as travel dates and budget,” she explains. 

From there, once a ballpark travel quote gets the sign-off, Renee starts working to find the best possible options for lodging and dates, and secures a deposit and vacation package. Then, it’s on to the finer details like choosing a resort style, which parks to visit, dining venues and other entertainment options (think mini golf, fireworks, shopping, live music ...). 

A few weeks before the trip, Renee sends up-to-date information on what is happening in the parks and know-before-you-go documents filled with useful tips and advice for visiting a Disney Park. 

“All of my clients are different, so no two Disney vacations are the same,” Renee smiles. “From the Disney pro to the first-time visitor, the family of eight to the adult couple celebrating an anniversary—I’ve seen it all!” 

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It’s No Sweat to Work with Renee
Travel agents have a ton of knowledge to share with their clients. Renee helps you keep your cool by:

  1. Offering complimentary services (she plans and schedules your trip for free). 

  2. Always having the latest, most up-to-date information on the Disney Parks.

  3. Reminding you of all upcoming important dates and booking windows.

  4. Being available by text should you have any questions or concerns—even when in the parks.

How to Keep Cool at the Parks
There’s more—Renee offers her tried-and-true tips for staying comfortable on your vacation: 

  1. Take a midday break inside for a meal and refreshments, or indulge in a quick swim and nap at the resort.

  2. Visit the water parks! Walt Disney World has two of these, and they are the perfect way to cool down during the day (and have a little extra water fun). 

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