The Truth About Dry Skin

(and what to do about it)

Skin feeling as dry as a British sitcom this season? Learn the reasons why (and what you can do to get the dewiness back) from Meirielly Teixeira, owner of the Brazilian Beauty Spa. 

An expert on healthy skin thanks to her education, experience and in-depth research on the nutrition, environment, products and the factors that help our largest organ thrive, Teixeira is here to help us get the glow back while the mercury is still low – and collect the compliments! 

I’m still using my regular lotion. Why is my skin dry in the winter? 
During the winter, due to cold air, dry indoor heat and low humidity levels, our skin tends to be dryer, so you need to add products that add moisture and natural oils back into the skin. 
What environmental factors can contribute to dry skin? 
Besides the factors mentioned above, pollution, chemicals and lifestyle can all equal dry skin. Pollution and chemicals are free radicals and are detrimental to the skin. Poor eating habits, lack of physical activity and poor hygiene will also contribute to dry skin. 
What nutritional factors can contribute to dry skin? Does what we eat make a difference? 
First of all, skin needs water. Skin is made of 70% water, so making sure that you are consuming enough water is extremely important for the hydration of your skin. Second, make sure you stay away from inflammatory foods such as processed foods, gluten, lactose, sugar, alcohol, et cetera. Our intestines are our second brain, so keeping its flora healthy can prevent various skin disorders, including dry skin! 
What at-home changes can I make to enhance my skin’s health? 
A good skincare routine with water-based products such as hyaluronic acid will help hydrate and keep your skin smooth and radiant. Always hydrate your skin immediately after washing, and, for the body, seek products that have oils such as coconut and jojoba. 
How often should I ideally see a professional?
For any type of skin, I recommend at least once monthly treatments. 
Can you speak to which products to try and which to avoid?
Try products that will add moisture and oil to your skin, and avoid the constant use of glycolic acid. 
What are some treatments I should implement for dry skin?
Most of our facials will nourish and hydrate the skin. Hydration, vitamin C — which is a powerful antioxidant — and hyaluronic acid treatments will all apply water back to the skin, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin. However, a consultation is necessary in order to provide the best protocol. 

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