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It’s Not All About Muscles When It Comes to Health

Having just arrived for my first Osteostrong session, I was reading testimonials from a video on the television screen and was impressed. 

 “I am going through menopause and have been worried about bone loss. After 1 year of Osteostrong, I have had a 62% strength gain and have increased bone density in my hips. Osteostrong can fit into anybody’s schedule; all it takes is 10 minutes once a week and I have had amazing results – Kim”.

“I was having pretty severe knee pain and inflammation. It was hard to walk the dog, go up stairs or dance at my son’s wedding. I had my first session July 12 and by my other son’s wedding in September, was able to dance the night away. I’ve noticed increased strength in lifting furniture and other activities. The Osteostrong program is amazing! – Dave”

“Wow, this system must really work for people to make those kinds of statements”, I thought.

Inside the Osteostrong studio, the space was bright and clean and looked like an upscale gym. As a life-long exercise fan, I was curious about the process. Reading the list of benefits on the wall made me excited to start.

Ryan, my trainer, guided me through my initial session. We started doing small warm-up movements on a vibration platform, designed to improve stability and balance. After a few minutes, Ryan took me to the Spectrum Robotic Equipment and explained how the machines provide Osteogenic Loading, which stimulates bone growth. The science made sense but I wanted to try the machines. 

After a short test push, Ryan had me push at my max for about five seconds – and then we were done. On the outside I was smiling and nodding yes when Ryan asked whether it felt good but, inside, I was thinking, “That’s it?” “Where’s the sweat and pain?” The process repeated itself for the next few machines and the session was over. 

“People might feel relief immediately or they may not see any benefit for a few sessions”, Ryan cautioned, “Unlike lifting weights or working out, you won’t feel soreness or be fatigued, but you are still building bone density and strength”. “Since you can’t always see bones getting stronger, we track your results each session. With Osteostrong, changes in bone density are measured so it’s easy to analyze your progress”, Ryan added.

My second session was a week later. Ryan again guided me through the warm up with the vibration plate and we performed the same exercises on the  Spectrum robotic equipment. I was pleased to see progress in my strength numbers. The entire session took about 8-9 minutes. I wore my work clothes. When I got home, I told my wife that I didn’t feel any different. 

That changed the next morning when I woke up. There was no pain in the big toe on my left foot. I was able to walk pain-free and stand on my foot without it throbbing. I shouted, “Honey, the pain in my foot is gone!” This is the same toe that had given me problems for the last 5 months since I hurt it playing racquetball, then continued hurting it playing golf. My doctor said the x-rays showed arthritis. After two Osteostrong sessions, I can suddenly walk pain free. 

Since then, I have visited Osterostrong and asked others about their results. I’m hearing the same stories over and over, about people becoming pain-free for the first time in years or feeling like they have their balance and stability back.

I measure things not by what they are supposed to do, but by results. When it comes to Osteostrong, I’m a believer.


Check out Osteostrong in Eden Prairie at:  www.centers.osteostrong.me/minnesota-eden-prairie.  They offer the first session free, so check them out!

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Benefits of Osteostrong:

  • Increased Bone Density
  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Increase Balance and Agility
  • Decreased Joint and Back Pain
  • Protect Against Fractures
  • Reduction in HbA1C (Diabetes prevention)

Who Should Consider Osteostrong?

52 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis or low bone density. Osteostrong is for anyone – man or woman - looking to protect against bone lost (Osteoporosis) and improve overall health.

Additional Osteostrong Services

PEMF Therapy – a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field mat increases circulation, which increases our ability to heal. Benefits include helping heal soft tissue injuries, migraines, fibromyalgia, sleep problems, depression, and lessening of anxiety.

Wellness Cocon - is a relaxing, spa-like experience that combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for the ultimate body transformation. Benefits include weight loss, pain relief, stress reduction and relaxation. 

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