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The Ultimate Garage

No more muddy boots in the house and parties in the garage? Read on!

Article by Emily McKeever

Photography by Permanent Coating Solutions

Originally published in Waconia City Lifestyle

Finally, the days are getting longer, and Jack Frost got the hint and packed his bags. Spring is traditionally a time of freshening up and reimagining, along with doing some major spring cleaning. Randy Stodola, owner of Permanent Coating Solutions, has been sharing his expertise and personal touch for 24 years as his clients refresh and reimagine everything from their vehicles to their living and working spaces. Usually an afterthought, the garage is a great way to expand your finished square footage, and Randy and his team are pros at Extreme Makeover: Garage Edition. Whether your goal is to create a functioning workshop, sweat to the oldies with your dumbbells or just be able to park your car there again, “the number one thing you should add to your garage to create more usable space is high-quality cabinets,” Randy shares. “Think overhead racking, workbenches, and full-length cabinets.” While you’re busy decluttering, he suggests adding a drain for our Minnesota slush and sludge before installing new floors. Randy’s team has hundreds of flooring colors to choose from to ensure a cohesive look while maintaining quality, durability, and slip resistance. Another huge factor to think about is lighting,” Randy mentions. “Most people are going with bright daylight LED lighting made for garages,” and the Full Flake [flooring] System he uses reflects the light beautifully to go even further in giving the area new life. Creating a strategy for how you plan to use the space throughout the year is key. If you want to use your garage year-round, Randy suggests installing insulation and audio-visual details. So, let’s summarize: water toys tucked away, power tools arranged by size and color, no more muddy boots in the house, and you can host a party. I bet you never thought you’d utter the words, my garage is better than your garage, but you will now.

  • Permanent Coating Solutions offers custom build cabinets by Kambium
  • Their 4 layered floor coating system can be customizable to fit any design or theme.

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